Natural Latex Pillow Review and Giveaway 5/25

By Lakota

May 6th, 2017
Thank you to Sleeping Organic for providing me with product in exchange for review purposes. All opinions belong to myself. Some people are stomach sleepers, other find more comfort on their backs or sides. I myself am a side sleeper at least when I start to sleep.  My husband is more of a back sleeper to start with and might migrate to his side depending on the night. So what does this mean for the sake of a pillow? For myself I need a more firm pillow that fills my shoulder space, but that Read more [...]

Mansfield Plumbing Denali Toilet ~ Review & Giveaway US & Canada 11/03

Thank you to Mansfield Plumbing for providing me with product in exchange for this honest blog review. All opinions are 100% my own.We purchased our home a little over a year ago. The house was built in 1989. It was in great shape. All we had to do was make some cosmetic changes to make it ours. One of the first rooms we gave a makeover to, was our downstairs guest bathroom. It had floor to ceiling floral wallpaper. We removed the wallpaper, textured the wall and then painted it lunar surface Read more [...]

Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint ~ Review

Thank you to Rust-Oleum for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for this honest blog review. All opinions are 100% my own.My two young daughters (ages 7 and 9 years old) love watching home improvement shows with me. They enjoy seeing all the different projects  and decorating ideas.Recently we saw a show where furniture was being transformed with chalk paint. The girls were inspired. They asked if they could paint their desks with chalk paint. I reached out to Rust-Oleum Read more [...]

MyLoview ~Early Morning On The Green Summer Meadow Wall Sticker Mural

  Thank you to for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for this honest blog review.  All opinions are 100% my own.I love finding ways to make our home unique and welcoming.  When we first redid our upstairs, I had the bright idea that I could make our daughter's walls look like sky and clouds.  That lasted all of one wall before I realized I had no idea what I was doing and painted over everything with a solid color!  So, while I'm definitely not artistic Read more [...]

Spangler Science Club Subscription Box Review

By Lakota

March 2nd, 2016
Thank you to Steve Spangler Science for providing product in exchange for review. All opinions belong to myself. Science, most of us love it and most of us want to furnish a love for it within our children. Now you could spend hours googling different age appropriate science experiments of your little ones. Dint forget the supplies list, most of the time indulging weird outlandish things you've never heard of or never used before. By the time you get everything together and ready it might be Read more [...]