Heading To The Strawberry Patch? Here’s 30+ Ideas For What To Make With Them!

Summer is here and I am super excited for the warm sunny days.  Being from Minnesota, winter just seems to last forever and then some years, we don't even get a spring!  Thankfully, this year was pretty reasonable, weather wise.  So we've been able to be outside a lot.Over the past several years, I keep saying we're going to visit a strawberry patch and pick our own berries but then we never quite make it.  This year, it's happening because I won some free strawberries from a local patch! Read more [...]

Rhubarb Strawberry Bake Recipe

By Amber

July 4th, 2020
Growing up, I used to eat rhubarb out of the garden like it was candy. I LOVED the tart taste and the texture, and it was a summer favorite for me. As I've gotten older, I've started to question my childhood tastebuds because rhubarb is no longer delicious, it's just straight up sour! Even still, rhubarb can be delicious when it's mixed with the right ingredients. I wanted to share my favorite rhubarb dessert with you because even if you're not a fan of the tart flavor, I'm sure you'll love this Read more [...]

Super Simple Spaghetti Bake – Just 4 Ingredients!

By Asha

June 29th, 2020
Are you looking for something super simple for supper tonight? Do you like spaghetti? If so, try my delicious twist on classic spaghetti and let me know what you think!The best part about this recipe is that it takes just four ingredients and they are ingredients you likely already have!Ingredients: ~ 1 Pound Ground Beef ~ 1 Box Spaghetti Noodles (16oz Box - you could also choose a different kind of noodle if you didn't have spaghetti on hand) ~ 1 Jar of the Pasta Sauce of your choice Read more [...]

28 Cake Mix Hacks {+ 2 Frosting Recipes}

I love cake.  It's probably my top favorite dessert; especially if it's chocolate cake loaded with creamy chocolate frosting.  However, I have yet to find an amazing cake batter made from scratch.  Every one I've tried falls flat.  So instead, we started using boxed cake mixes but spruce them.  So check out these cake mix hacks and let me know if you've tried any!Cake Mix Hacks - The Best Way To Make Your Cake Great! Now remember, you just choose one hack to try at a time.  🙂  Don't Read more [...]

Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili Recipe

By Amber

June 4th, 2020
No one in my family is a big soup fan, but we all love a good, thick chili! While I grew up eating beef chili, lately I've been experimenting more with chicken. A couple weeks ago this white chicken chili was a big hit with our whole household and it's definitely going to become part of our permanent rotation.You will probably have most of the ingredients for this chili in your kitchen already. The combination of cream cheese and salsa makes the dish come together in a creamy and flavorful Read more [...]