10 DIY Solutions to Common House Pests

This is a sponsored guest post.Nothing disrupts a quiet, calm, long-awaited weekend like a common household pest darting across your floor. Whether it be a cockroach or a stray mouse, you’ll want to take quick action to mitigate any pest-related damage to your property and personal valuables. Procrastinating pest control treatment services could result in weeks of inconvenience and thousands of dollars in repairs. To resume your weekends of well-deserved rest, you’ll need to devote your attention Read more [...]

2020 Emily Reviews Blog Holiday Gift Guide Is Now Accepting Submissions

2020 blog holiday gift guide In just two months, we'll be kicking off our 2020 Holiday gift guide! As our long time readers know, we've been doing a holiday gift guide each November and December for many years now. Over a decade, in fact!The same as the last several years, we'll kick off our holiday gift guide November 1st, and it will end December 15th. Our goal is to provide our readers with holiday gift ideas for everyone on their list. From the new baby to grandparents, and even pets, we Read more [...]

Nadine West Reviews Summer 2020

I was sent a Nadine West clothing subscription package for review. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.Nadine West is a fashion subscription service for women. You fill out style profile at NadineWest.com sharing your sizes, what types of items you do and don't wear (scarves? bracelets? earrings?) as well as some fashion info. Some of the things you share about your style include what colors you like to wear vs what ones you refuse to wear. If you're looking to conceal Read more [...]

Living With Controlled Epilepsy – What It’s Like

I have an epilepsy diagnosis, but it's been years since I've had a seizure. My medication does a great job of keeping my seizures under control. I've read statistics that say about 1/3 of people with epilepsy have good control, about 1/3 have uncontrolled epilepsy (medication doesn't help) and 1/3 get some control from medication but not complete control. I'm lucky to be in the 1/3 that have perfect seizure control. Some of them deal with severe medication side affects to receive that control, Read more [...]

Raising Hedgehogs – What You Should Know Before You Get A Hedgehog

The first pet that I ever really owned on my own, was a pet pygmy hedgehog. I got him when I was about 19! We named him Henry, I got him when he was just about 8 weeks old. While it's been a while since I've had a hedgehog in my house, I remain fond of the little critters. They're just so cute! I occasionally have people ask me about hedgehog care, because they are interested in getting a pet hedgehog, or at least they think they might be - but what to know what it involves. How do you get a hedgehog? Read more [...]