Cheese Folios 100% Cheese Wraps {Keto-Approved Wraps or Taco Shell Alternative}

Cheese Folios sent me some of their cheese wraps to try out. All opinions are my own.Ryan has decided to try the keto diet. He lost about 30 pounds from June through December without doing any particular diet or meal plan but then his weight loss hit a plateau. He had bee curious about the keto diet for a while so he decided to try it for a while to see if it would let him lose weight more quickly again. It's only been a week since he started but he's lost over 5 pounds and is enjoying the foods Read more [...]

Nadine West Review 2020

I was sent a package from Nadine West for this review. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.I have so many articles of clothing that are favorites of mine that I got from Nadine West. I'm excited to share my first Nadine West review of 2020! I am starting to get back to normal life now that our holiday gift guide is over and the holidays themselves have passed too! I'll be publishing two Nadine West reviews in short order because I got slightly behind on them. This Read more [...]

BellyCrush Yellow Pea Fiber Cookies Review {For Weight Management}

This is a sponsored review with BellyCrush. All opinions are my own.A few years ago I lost about 20 pounds by keeping an eye on calories. While I believe that a lot of different diets can help people lose weight whether it's paleo or keto or others - I believe in the basic science of CICO or calories in, calories out. If you want to lose weight you have to use/burn more calories than you are consuming on a regular basis. While on a CICO plan, it's easier to stay within your calorie limit if you Read more [...]

Vyncs GPS Tracker For Peace Of Mind When Loved Ones Are On The Road

When your children get their license or their first car, it can be a time of great excitement mixed with a lot of anxiety. You’ll probably love not having to haul them around yourself anymore, but there are so many ‘what ifs’ when they start driving on their own. What if they no longer drive safely once there is no adult in the car with them? What if they get in a car accident? What if they hit their first white-out snowstorm while far from home? What if they come across a bad person? What Read more [...]

Tuesday Giveaway Linky 12/17/2019

Welcome to Tuesday's Giveaway Link Up with your hosts Karen @ Tots and Me, Emily @ Emily Reviews, Shelly @ The Attic Girl, and Rena @ An Ordinary Housewife.So glad you could join us as we share our giveaways on  Tuesday's Giveaway Link Ups. This link up will be posted Monday at 7 PM est. and run all week long! Make sure you stop in as often as you can to list your latest giveaways. Here is how to use the Giveaway Link Up1. Post your reviews and/or giveaways, as many as you Read more [...]