IndaCloud THC-O & HHC Cartridges Review

IndaCloud sent me cartridges for review. All opinions are my own. I sometimes enjoy using Delta-8 products to help me relax, to help me sleep, or just for fun. I knew that THC-O and HHC products were fairly similar to delta-8, though I hadn't tried them. I had tried Delta-8 products from IndaCloud last year though and I was happy with those. So I thought I'd try their THC-O and HHC cartridges this time around. IndaCloud has lots of fun flavors of cartridges. I selected Strawberry Lemonade and Read more [...]

Maya J PaperClip Chain Jewelry Review

Maya J Jewelry sent me jewelry for review. All opinions are my own. If you've been avidly following my blog, this isn't the first time you've seen me share about Paperclip jewelry. I first noticed paperclip necklaces over a year ago and instantly thought they were adorable. I'm usually more of a bracelet kinda girl though, so I went looking for a paperclip bracelet.  I've tried two that didn't quite work for me, so I'm excited that I've now found my perfect Paperclip Chain Bracelet at Read more [...]

Sweet Zzz Plant-Based Pillow Review

This is a sponsored review with Sweet Zzz. All opinions are my own. Seeking a more natural pillow makes a lot of sense to me. We spend roughly 1/3 of our day in bed, or we should, anyway. Even if you don't get enough rest, your head still probably spends more time near your pillow than it does any other object. So, I think it makes sense to want to know that your pillow is safe and natural.  Sweet Zzz makes a plant-based pillow that is a great option if you're seeking a more natural Read more [...]

Early Fall Nadine West Review 2022

Nadine West sent me a clothing shipment for review. All opinions are my own. Fall is officially here as of yesterday! In Michigan we bounce around a lot. We have some days that hit 80, and some days in the 50's. Tonight it's supposed to get down to 35! Sometimes it feels like we jump from summer to winter more so than having a 'real' fall. Anyway, fall is a weird season around here but it's here! I like fall/winter clothing better than summer clothing usually so I was excited to see what Nadine Read more [...]

7 Experience Gifts That Any Dad Will Love

This is a sponsored guest post. Fictional superhero movies always make us gasp. We all start clapping and cheering as the incredible Iron Man makes his way on the screen, getting all suited up to save yet another day. But how often do we celebrate the real, unsung superhero we all have in our lives - our dads?  From the day we are born to the day we take our first steps or go to our first prom - dads make sure nothing goes wrong. Ran into trouble? Call dad. Need some life advice? Go talk Read more [...]