RIOLIS Review – Gifts For Crafty People & Cross Stitch Kit Giveaway (12/27)

Thank you RIOLIS for sending products for my gift guide. All opinions are my own.Sometime over the summer I started noticing that several people who I follow online had taken to cross stitch. Since then, I feel like I've been noticing it all over the place. I think it's currently a trendy hobby. Back in August I decided to give it a try. I found it enjoyable but also calming or stress relieving. I enjoy a variety of crafts, but I can't draw to save my life. Part of why I enjoy cross stitch is, Read more [...]

Another Use For Pumpkins – Science Experiment Pumpkin Volcano!

Its' fall which means it is finally pumpkin time!  We all know how to carve a pumpkin for a Jack-o-lantern.  And many times, people use the small pumpkins to decorate around the house.  But do you know of any other fun ideas to use pumpkins for?Think Science Making learning fun is the best way to keep kids motivated and interested.  And Science experiments is a great way to give kids some hands on learning fun.  My kids really enjoy projects that they can take part in.  Not only that, Read more [...]

Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack 4×8 Review

I was sent a Fleximount overhead garage storage rack for review. All opinions are my own.I was really excited to finally have a garage when we moved here about three years ago. A "normal" place for Ryan to store his tools, the ability to park inside and avoid scraping our windshield on winter mornings. It was also nice to have a place for storing things like Christmas ornaments and off-season clothing. We moved plastic totes of items to the garage as soon as we moved in. However, it's a bit of Read more [...]

DIY Little Girls Tie Dye Dress

By Lakota

August 9th, 2018
I absolutely love crafting, creating and making just about anything. Sewing has been an area that makes me a bit nervous as it takes so much time and if you get it wrong it feels like a waste of said time. When we were going to Hippy Fest we all made our own tie dye shirts to wear there. My husbands turned out to be his favorite shirt! My daughter didn't really like hers much so I decided to help her out and make a dress out of the couple extra shirts that we had made. Here is a tutorial on how I Read more [...]

Quick & Easy DIY Blanket Ladder Made With Reclaimed Wood

I love the look of blanket ladders. I think they add a cozy feel to the room and make guests feel warm and welcome. What I don't love, is the prices on store bought blanket ladders. It blows my mind that stores can charge $50 and more for a few pieces of wood screwed together. After searching the internet high and low for deals and coming up empty handed, I decided to just make a blanket ladder myself.We have a few family members who have recently demoed projects in their homes. We were given Read more [...]