DIY Faux Farmhouse Window Shutters

When we moved to this house, four years ago, it was the perfect opportunity for me to take an older (1989) farmhouse and update it with some modern farmhouse styles that we discovered we both love.Each year, we have selected a few DIY projects to work on. One project we completed this summer, was making and installing faux window shutters.As I usually do before a project, I spent time on Pinterest looking for window shutter ideas. There were so many and none were really exactly what we wanted Read more [...]

Gluten-Free Fish Taco Bowl ~ Recipe

Lately, we have been eating a lot more fish. We live near the Oregon Coast so we have easy access to fresh seafood. We like getting fresh wild rockfish because it is light, has a mild flavor, and is more budget-friendly than some of the other fish available.Normally when we prepare rockfish, we bake it with butter and spices. Last week I wanted something different. I was craving fish tacos, but tortillas aren't something we eat. I decided to play around and came up with a delicious substitution- Read more [...]

Evriholder Products Make Keeping My House Clean & Organized Easier ~ Review

Thank you to Evriholder for providing me with products to facilitate my blog review. All opinions are 100% my own.I crave organization. I want everything to be neat and tidy. With that said, my kitchen often looks like a natural disaster took place. Usually, the cabinets are a mess, the refrigerator is overflowing, and the dishwasher is constantly running.Over the summer break, we made a real effort to organize our kitchen so that it wouldn't be such a mess. When researching different options, Read more [...]

Bullymake Box Is Perfect For Power Chewing Dogs ~ Review

Thank you to Bullymake Box for providing me with products to facilitate my blog review. All opinions are 100% my own.We have two dogs. Kenya is our senior dog. She is a Great Dane/Mastiff. Kassi is our young dog. She is a Pit mix.Both Kenya and Kassi enjoy chewing on bones and toys. The problem is that they are both power chewers. They shred plush critters and destroy so-called tough toys in a matter of seconds. It is so frustrating!I had pretty much given up on finding long-lasting dog Read more [...]

Foam Alive Magically Comes To Life! ~ Review

Thank you to Play Visions for providing me with products to facilitate my blog review. All opinions are 100% my own.Play Visions is the place to go for highly imaginative toys! Their toys encourage hours of open-ended play. With Play Visions toys, you can create new things, explore the world around you, and learn new skills.One of my favorite brands from Play Visions is Foam Alive! Foam Alive is a compound that magically comes to life when you touch it. Foam Alive can be compressed and Read more [...]