Naked Nutrition Naked Greens Superfood Powder Giveaway

This is a sponsored blog post with Naked Nutrition. All opinions are my own. Naked Greens Powder From Naked Nutrition Most of us don't eat as many vegetables as we ideally should. Even more specifically, many of us struggle with green veggies. While green veggies are among the healthiest, i personally find them challenging to work into meals that I enjoy. I enjoy a green salad, but don't want to eat salad every single day. Even if I were to eat a salad daily, it would still be a bit limiting Read more [...]

Easter Gift Ideas 2021

Emily Reviews writers were sent products for our Easter gift guide. All opinions are our own.2020 Easter Gift Guide - Gift Ideas For All AgesWhat do you geek out over?  Find out with your family in this fun Geek Out! Family Edition!  This is the game of mind-challenging fun that finds out one and for all, who knows the most about a variety of subjects.  Start by rolling the die, note the corresponding topic, and then let the bidding begin!  Will you let your opponents Read more [...]

Nadine West Spring 2021 Review

Nadine West sent me a shipment of clothing and accessories in exchange for this review. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.Nadine West is an affordable clothing subscription service for women. You fill out a style profile, they send you clothing monthly or bimonthly, you get to try everything on, and ship back anything you don't wish to keep. You're only charged for the items that you do keep. Their items are typically priced at $35 or less, though you can even opt Read more [...]

Netflix Shows You Can Follow Without Watching The Screen

Do you ever turn on a movie or a show on Netflix, get partway through and realize you aren't sure what's happening anymore? You were half-watching the TV, and half doing something on your phone. I have seen memes about this online so I know it's a common problem.I like to do some basic crafts. For a while I was into cross-stitching, then embroidery, and now I've been loom knitting. I like to do these on the weekends to relax, but it's a bit boring to do without anything else. I often put something Read more [...]

WAMA Sustainable Hemp Underwear Review & Giveaway

I was given a gift card to WAMA to purchase underwear for review. All opinions are my own.Hemp fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, breathable, soft, and it has anti-odor properties. So, it lends itself to clothing in general quite nicely, but it's a particularly great match for underwear. Hemp is organic and eco-friendly. It's hard to really think of a reason NOT to go with hemp. I think most of us just aren't used to seeing it offered in stores very often! WAMA is an underwear brand Read more [...]