How Nutrisystem Benefits The Rest Of The Family

I am a Nutrisystem Nation blogger. I am provided with a Nutrisytem plan in return for regular updates. All opinions are my own.Ryan has been on Nutrisystem for about 18 months, and he has lost over 60 pounds. I've shared his journey a lot, but I've avoided writing about my own experience. I have lost about 20 pounds myself. While not nearly as impressive as his results, it's been a clear visual change in me because I am only 5'1". I personally am not on Nutrisytem, so I was thinking it wasn't Read more [...]

RS Online Review – Stanley Tool Box Giveaway (3/5) sent me a Stanley tool box for review. All opinions are my own.Ryan and I have been dating over 9 years now. We were quite young when we first got together, so we've experienced becoming "true" adults together. Part of that process has been accumulating household items together. For our first apartment my mom and my aunts donated odds and ends of pots, pans and dishes to us which was a huge help. We were also gifted a few household items here and there, and of course we started Read more [...]

Tooth Fairy Tips From Jefferson Dental + Giveaway (US) 3/5

Did you know that February is Children’s Dental Health Month?  As a child, I didn't really see the importance of taking great care of my teeth but now that I'm an adult, I'm so thankful that I was a pretty regular brusher.  I have a brother who was terrible at taking care of his teeth and gums and he's had to have a lot of dental work done because of that.  So as kids are growing, it's easier to incorporate healthy habits now so that they can enjoy a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums as they get Read more [...]

Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat {The Only Seat A Child Will Ever Need!} Review

Do car seats confuse and even scare you a little?  It seems like the rules are constantly changing, each seat and brand has their own expiration time line, and laws are different depending on the state!  Truth be told, it is hard to keep up and you're not alone in feeling this way.  According to a recent study, 54% of parents feel that car seat safety industry standards are confusing.  So Graco is stepping up and trying to help with their new TrueShield Technology which provides children with Read more [...]

Nutrisystem – How Ryan Lost 60+ Pounds

I partnered with Nutrisystem on this post and was compensated. All opinions are my own.My boyfriend Ryan decided he was ready to work on losing weight in July of 2015. Since then he has lost just over 60 pounds! The change in him is so dramatic. Even though it's been about a year and a half now, I am still amazed at his change. I look back at photos of him before his weight loss and it's incredible that it's the same person that he is now.He lost the weight thanks to Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem Read more [...]