Switch Up Your Look With Divatress

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.I remember being a kid and playing the game Sims. When you create your character in the game, it lets you choose from dozens of hair styles and colors with a click of the mouse. It was as easy as switching outfits! I remember thinking it would be so cool if real life was like that, where we could just decide to have really long hair one day, and really short hair the next, and then back again without waiting months for hair to regrow.I used Read more [...]

BioActive Nutrients Oregano Oil ~ Memorial Weekend Sales Event!

I am a huge fan of high quality Oregano Oil.  Ever since a good friend of mine, who is very diligent about her family's health, recommended BioActive Nutrients Oregano Oil as a daily supplement and immune booster, I've become a believer.  She says that as long as her family keeps up with their daily dose, they rarely get sick or, if they do, it's only a mild version of what's going around.  To be completely honest, ever since our family started taking it several years ago, we've mostly found the Read more [...]

5 Reasons To Choose A House With A Yard

I was 18 when I moved into my first apartment. I was excited to be an adult with my own space, but I quickly realized that apartment complex living wasn't for me. I grew up with my mom owning her home and having a large yard. My dad opted to rent, and moved around throughout my childhood but he always had a yard as well.My sister (right) and I (left) playing in our back yard as little kids. I was not prepared for having neighbors sharing walls with me. We had a balcony that we would Read more [...]

Peaceable Kingdom ~ Summer Camp Time! + Giveaway (US) 6/9

With the school year over for many and winding down for the rest, it's time to start thinking about Summer Camp!  I remember attending camp as a kid and, while I remember feeling a bit homesick, it was a really great experience overall.  One thing that really helped was "mail call".  After lunch each day, the entire camp would gather round and the camp leaders would have a big basket with mail and packages that parents and loved ones had sent.  On the days where I received something special, Read more [...]

PAPYRUS ~ Knows How To Celebrate Dad + Giveaway (US) 6/8

Sending a big thank you to PAPYRUS for sending us some Father's Day goodies and sponsoring this giveaway! Do you have plans for Father's Day yet?  Ours aren't  set in stone yet but, typically, we spend the day with family, heading outside to enjoy yard games and a big lunch together.  I love both Mother's Day and Father's Day as it gives us a chance to hang out with some extended family while celebrating all of the special moms and dads in our lives.  While our family doesn't go crazy with gifts Read more [...]