Pug Love Celebration – $586 Dog Prize Package Giveaway (8/7)

*I was not compensated for this post in any way. Prizes are provided by brand or retailer sponsors.A week ago, I shared about how it had been a year since I bought my two pugs Frank & Beans home. Each day since then, I've shared a blog post or two discussing some of our favorite pet products. They are all linked below, so you can check to make sure that you didn't miss any.Baylee Nasco handmade dog bed review (& dog bed OR dog blanket giveaway - ends 7/30)Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats Read more [...]

Pet Wellbeing Supplements

*I was provided with product from Pet Wellbeing. All opinions are my own.I keep my dogs on what I feel is a good quality dog food. Yet, like people, I think dogs can sometimes benefit from nutritional supplements of some kind or another. I never really considered supplements for pets until recently. I noticed that on occasion, Frank will not truly limp but will walk different than usual. It usually only lasts for 5-10 seconds after he gets up but I started researching dog arthritis. I think Read more [...]

AKC Good Dog Training Service & BFF Box Review

*I was provided with a BFF box. All opinions are my own.One way that Ryan & I really "lucked out" by adopting senior dogs was not having to train them. They were already potty trained and knew basic commands before we got them. Of course, we could try to make them learn new commands or tricks but I know for a lot of dog owners, training takes tons of time, energy and effort. The AKC brand came up with the AKC Good Dog Helpline which is a service available to those trying to train their dog. Read more [...]

Bartley’s For Dogs – Shop Quality Dog Products For Your Dog & Help Dogs In Need

*I was sent products by Bartley's. All opinions are my own.We've all watched the heartbreaking commercials that show abused and/or abandoned animals. I have several dog-lovers on my Facebook list, so I regularly see stories about local dogs who need to be adopted. One crossed my stream today that was a 16-year-old dog who had just been given away by its owner. My heart broke for that dog, as it does so many of the dogs who come across my Facebook stream. It can be tough to find a place to rent Read more [...]

BeyondBedding.com ~ All Star Sports 4 Piece Twin Review ~ & 10 Bedding Sets Giveaway (US) 8/4

Thank you to Beyond-Bedding for providing me with product, free of charge, for review.  All opinions are my own.Bedding is such a fun item for children.  I know our kids, even down to our 2 year old, enjoy browsing and picking out their own clothes and products and this includes bedding.  Growing up, I would have loved if my parents had allowed us to choose something so personal and fun as our bedding but we never got that opportunity.  So my husband and I have always strived to allow Read more [...]