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happy birthday card from sassy style cards

happy birthday card from sassy style cards

Cards are one of the items that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love receiving a card from someone that really sums up our relationship or seems really heartfelt. However, more often than not cards seem like an item that people feel forced to buy for special occasions, yet they stop at the store 10 minutes before the birthday party, wedding, etc to grab one and run. More often than not the words don’t seem to come from them and the card doesn’t seem personal. And from the buying end, it seems silly to buy a 5 dollar card when you know it’ll probably just get thrown away. A great place for finding high quality cards that clearly are heart felt and not a last minute decision, is sassy style cards.

Some q & a with the shop owner…

Where are you from and tell us a little about yourself? I am from Denver Colorado. I grew up in Denver until I was 8 and spent the last 10 years in Florida. We finally had the chance to move back to Denver and we love it here especially being by family again. I am 18 and I will be a freshman in college starting in August. I am majoring in nursing because I wanted a job where I could be on my feet and experience new things everyday. The biggest thing in my life is tennis. I practice 4-6 days a week and participate in USTA tournaments. I am hoping to continue my tennis career in college and maybe try a few small pro tournaments. I am very easy going and I am a very hands on learner. I love pets, my family and I hope to one day backpack in Europe for a summer.

Natures greeting card from sassy style cards

Natures greeting card from sassy style cards

Why did you start your Etsy shop? I have always loved scrap booking or making cards. I used to make a lot of cards and give them to friends for their birthdays or for occasions. Making cards gave me a way to occupy my time in a fun way besides just watching tv or going on the computer. The boost for me to sell these cards were, I really wanted to make extra money this summer for college. Every place I applied to for a job was already filled for summer jobs. (I filled out 25 applications) I decided I really wanted to sell something I love to make and to earn some money to save up to help pay for college.

How did you come up with your Etsy shop name? When I decided to sell cards on Etsy I had discussed it with my dad since he is an entrepreneur and he had a lot of experience in the business. He told me to think of a list of names and check to see if the domain names were taken. I just sat there typing in any names that came to mind and made a list of any shops not taken. After the huge, ridiculous list of names we collectively decided on Sassy Style Cards because we thought it was what best described the type of cards I made as well as it was very attention seeking.

Apart from creating beautiful pieces, what else do you do? As stated above, tennis takes a lot of my time up but I love competing and hitting a tennis ball. I enjoy anything outdoors, I am a huge food fanatic, and I love visiting my family a lot. Oh I can’t forget that reading is something amazing I also love doing.

Any other sites you can be found on?

Fun in the sun greeting card from sassy style cards

Fun in the sun greeting card from sassy style cards

Anything else you would like us to know? All the cards I make are from my imagination. All my supplies are in cabinets, I pull out all the drawers and grab from random cabinets and put together what I think would look nice and have something unique about it. I take pride in what I do and I want you to receive a card that is made without cutting corners and that has been made with care. I am very big on being an individual and not going with trends or not having something that a lot of people have and I want these cards to be the same. I want to have sell cards no one makes and that are unique.

how you found etsy: I was googling vintage clothes where I came upon it and thought it was very cool. I again found it googling crafts and decided to look further into the site.

any plans/dreams for your shop in the future: I would love to have a lot of success on it and just for people to be talking about my cards and be impressed by them.

Buy it: You can purchase from sassy style cards on etsy at

Win it: One lucky winner will get to pick out 1 card of their choice from sassy style cards!

To enter: Mandatory: Visit sassy style cards and tell me which card is your favorite.

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