SPARQ Home Soapstone Rocks and Appetizer Plate Review

SPARQ Home is a company dedicated to using recycled goods to produce kitchen products that are energy efficient and eco-friendly.  While operating their soapstone countertop business, Steve Chavez and Justin English became aware of the amount of leftover soapstone material they were sending to the landfills.  This was not something they wanted to continue so they decided to repurpose the leftovers. Since they had worked with the product before, they knew that soapstone was a great material and had lots of potential uses. This innovative and creative duo decided to branch out and make SPARQ Home gourmet kitchen soapstone products.

Soapstone has an ability to hold temperatures (hot or cold) for long periods of time, it is non-porous, odorless, tasteless, and is safe for use with foods.

For my review, I received a SPARQ Home Soapstone Appetizer Plate and Soapstone Rocks.


Anything you serve on the SPARQ Home Appetizer Plate will have a beautiful presentation with a consistent temperature.  You can chill your Appetizer Plate before presenting a delicious cheese tray or warm it before serving fresh baked bread. Either way, your guests will be asking more questions about your SPARQ Home Appetizer Plate than they will your recipe!  They’ll want their own!


I haven’t yet had the opportunity to use the Appetizer Plate as a service platter; however, I really enjoy using it as a trivet during meal times. I set it in the middle of our table, place our “hot” dish on it and serve from there. It works great to protect our table and to hold the heat of our entrée until the last portion is served.


SPARQ Home Soapstone Rocks are going to be another crowd pleaser! These rocks can be placed in the freezer and used to chill (NOT dilute) your whiskey or wine. They can also be heated to help keep your coffee or tea drinks warm.


My Father-in-Law enjoys his cocktails, usually gin and tonics. When I saw these Soapstone Rocks, I knew they would be the “perfect” Father’s Day gift for him. When he opened the box he laughed saying that we had gotten him a box of rocks but, upon further inspection, he was really excited to read about all the ways he could use his new soapstone rocks. He has reported back to me that they work well and his card playing buddies were also impressed with them.

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