Green Gobbler Eco-friendly Drain Opener

It seems like I run into more and more people talking about going green and using eco-friendly alternatives instead of traditional products. Sometimes this stems from a concern about the environment, but it’s also driven by concern about the chemicals found in common household products. A lot of moms worry about how there could be harmful side effects in the products that we use each day – from cleaning products to plastic drinking containers. They explain that they don’t think there is enough research out there about the long term effects of having certain chemicals in our environment, so they are opting to find eco-friendly product alternatives “just in case”. For them, it’s not worth the risk.

Green Gobbler is the first eco-friendly drain opener. It’s ingredients meet the standards for the environmental protection agency (or EPA). It’s 100% biodegradable and environmentally non-toxic. It’s production process doesn’t generate any waste. It uses Crystalex Technology to liquefy things commonly found in drains such as hair, grease, food, cooking oil and paper products.

Like most people who live in older houses, we experience clogs now and then. Sometimes, we’ll have clogs as often as every other month and other times we might not have any problems for over 6 months. The next time that we experience a clog, I’m going to put Green Gobbler to the test and i’ll be documenting how it performs in the form of a product review, so you can all read about (and see) my experience with the product.



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