eShakti ~ Custom Clothing Fit To You Including The Perfect Pair Of Jeans!

Tell me I'm not alone in the deep dislike of clothing shopping for myself.  Don't misunderstand, as I love getting new clothes as much as the next person....if only it was that easy.  The struggle is real when nothing seems to fit right.  Every single brand tends to run on their own sizing scale and I typically get defeated before finding what I'm looking for.  My biggest hurdle seems to run in the jean department.  My beloved brand that I've been buying for about 10 years folded over a year Read more [...]

Socks and I ~ Sock Subscription Box Review & Giveaway (02/26)

By Emily Benzing

February 13th, 2017
Thank you to Socks and I for sending me these boxes in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.Socks are one of my favorite items of clothing not just because they keep my feet warm, but because they're a secret way of expressing myself. I love wild, colorful, and fun socks! I think anyone of all ages can enjoy them. No matter the color or design, you can always find joy in a nice pair of socks. It's the simple things in life that bring happiness. Socks and I sparks that happiness Read more [...]

NeeSee’s Dresses ~ Get Ready For Valentine’s Day With THE EMMY DRESS + Giveaway 2/23

Being a mom, my closet is almost always in need of a little upgrading.  My every day wardrobe ends up covered in fingerprints and stains, seemingly within the hour of putting any particular piece on.  But I know that this time in my life is short so it rarely bothers me.  Even so, I do try to keep a few nice outfits on hand for holidays, fun girls nights, and the ever-allusive date night that never seems to happen much around here. Sending a big thank you to NeeSee's Dresses for sending me this Read more [...]

Little Me ~ Sweet Dreams Little Ones In Little Me’s Adorable Pajamas

Sending a big thank you to Little Me for sending us these adorable pajamas! It seems that our kiddos are almost always in need of pajamas.  When packing away our 2 year old's holiday and Christmas clothes to make some room in the closet, I noticed that her pajama drawer was seriously lacking.  Since a few pairs were holiday themed, they will get moved out and leave behind only two other pairs.  That may not go far if she ends up getting sick or as we pack up to leave for our mini-vacation at Read more [...]

Needham Lane ~ Luxe Lounge Wear, Gorgeous Apparel, Fun Pajamas, & Slippers

The Christmas rush is finally over for us and we have completed four out of the five holiday gatherings so far.  Still have the one last straggler on my husbands side but they schedule for mid-January every year.  While we don't much care to have it so late, it does at least break up the busyness too.  So even though my husband and I didn't exchange gifts this year, with Winter in full swing here in Minnesota, there was just one (okay, two) things I was really wishing for..... new pajamas and Read more [...]