Baby Trend *New* Bolt Performance Travel System In Asphalt Black

My world has been filled with baby gear during the past eleven years throughout the additions of our five children, however, there has been something on my wish list every time that we just never got around to purchasing.... a jogging stroller.  I've felt the need for a jogging stroller grow more with each child though because I'd love to hit the local trails in the summer with our kids and be able to roller blade as they bike.  We also live on a gravel road that normal strollers just can't conquer Read more [...]

Winter Camp Fun At Camp Lebanon And Looking Forward To Continuing Our Unofficial New Year Resolution With Summer Camp

I have received no compensation for this post but will be partnering with Camp Lebanon later in the year. If you are a regular follower of Emily Reviews, you may have read my Unofficial New Years Resolution Post.  In short, I'm really taking strides to just let things go at times and seize the moment with my family.  For now, I've been very deliberate about stepping back from the computer and my phone and playing games, singing songs, and having dance parties with our kiddos.  Honestly, the past Read more [...]

Peaceable Kingdom ~ Get Ready For Valentine’s Day With A Fun Box Of Valentines For The Whole Class!

They say that time flies when you're having fun but, truth be told, it flies no matter what.  Now that 2017 is here, the next holiday on the calendar just so happens to be Valentine's Day.  When I think back to being a kid, I remember loving this holiday.  Depending on what grade I was in, we'd spend time as a class creating our "boxes" and decorating the classroom in preparation for the well-anticipated Valentine's Party.  Then, the day or two before, I'd scour the class list and dig through Read more [...]

Stachris High Quality Affordable Baby Accessories ~ Diaper Bag, Carseat Cover, Bandana Bibs, Pacifier Clips {Review & Discount}

Have you had trouble finding the perfect baby gear accessories?  Even though our current youngest is already two, I'm always on the hunt for awesome and affordable baby products.  Not only do we still use a diaper bag ourselves but, as foster parents, we have to supply things for our foster babies too.  Of course, then there are always baby showers!  Just recently, I was looking for a few particular items to have on hand for whenever we get our next foster  call and it just so happened that Read more [...]

Swerve Ball ~ Throw Like A Pro! {Holiday Gift Idea}

Our boys love baseball.  This past summer was the first time we signed them up for the local team and at the ages of 5 (almost 6) and 9, they absolutely fell in love with the game.  While we have plenty of work ahead of us since we started later than many do, the joy the boys have from playing has been so awesome to see.  So I was thrilled to partner with Swerve Ball when they reached out as I think this will be a great addition to our practice next Summer.  Not to mention, I'm hoping it will Read more [...]