Hipsy Adjustable Headband Review & Discount

Hipsy is a headband manufacturing company that specializes in adjustable, non-slip headbands. They offer their headbands in just about any color and pattern you can imagine; their selection includes a category for animal prints, dots, formal, glitter bands, metallics, sport headbands, stripes, basic colors, floral, and sequin. Consumers can also choose from a selection of headband widths ranging from one-half inch, to one and one-half inches. All Hipsy headbands are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and stay where you put them, and all come with Hipsy’s Lifetime Guarantee.

For my review, I received the Blue Green Paisley Wide Adjustable Headband by Hipsy, and the Plum Adjustable Headband by Hipsy. The Paisley headband is one of the widest options at 1.5”, while the Plum is in the middle at 1”. Both of the headbands seem to be constructed very well; I was able to adjust the headbands to the size that fit my head, and then leave them at that size and stretch them over my head multiple times without feeling like they were going to break. Both of the headbands have a velvet backing that helps hold the headbands in place fairly well, and are the texture of a stiff ribbon. They are flexible and movable, but maintain their shape.

I feel that the thinner, single color headbands offer more styling variety, but the wider headbands make more of a statement – especially if you select one of the bolder patterns. I find myself wearing the thinner Plum headband when I want to look a little more put together because the color is fairly neutral and somewhat blends in with my dark hair. I wear the wider Paisley headband a lot with jeans and a t-shirt when I’m running errands and just want to keep my hair out of my way, but still look somewhat put together. I get compliments on it every time I wear it out. I’ve had no issues with it moving around or falling off. One mistake that I made in the beginning was over tightening the headbands – they felt more secure on my head at first, but it slowly slid off the back of my head. When I loosened the band so it was still snug, but not tight, it stayed in place the entire day.

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