Flexispot OC14 review

Flexispot sent me an office chair for review. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.

The FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro (OC14) is a luxurious and comfortable office chair designed to cater to the needs of various users. This chair stands out with its refined seat structure, combined with ergonomic design that provides the ultimate in luxe office chair seating.

The back frame features a combination of PU soft plastic and hard plastic, making it highly durable and comfortable for prolonged use. The PU soft plastic close to the user’s back can automatically adjust the back strength according to the user’s body weight. This ergonomic design makes the seat truly integrated with the human body for optimal sitting while you work.

Flexispot OC14 review

The seat adjustment design of the Chair Pro OC14 meets the needs of various users and can automatically adjust according to the weight and height, providing additional support. This feature ensures that the chair is truly ergonomic and can adapt to different body types. I am 5’1″ but it can be lowered close enough to the ground for me to comfortably put my feet on the ground, which I can’t do with some other office chairs. The desk that I own doesn’t adjust short enough for me to use the chair in that mode, so I have been raising the height of the chair and using a footrest to support my feet. 

The armrests can be brought forward or backwards, and can be twisted towards or away from the body, making it easy to get a good fit. The height of the armrests can also be adjusted.

Flexispot OC14 review

With the adjustable function of the headrest, it meets the needs of different people. The arch-shape design makes the cervical vertebrae fits naturally, reducing the pressure from sitting. The breathable, stretchy fabric covering the back and base of the chair makes it comfortable to sit in all day while working. This is something I had wondered about before trying the chair myself, as there doesn’t appear to be much padding on the back or seat of the chair. It really doesn’t need more cushion though, thanks to the stretchy material that is used. 

The chair is made of high-quality materials, including an Italy DONATI chassis and silent and smooth PU wheels that protect your floor. The chair is available in four colors: red, black, grey, and light blue.

Flexispot OC14 review

The chair height can be adjusted from 46.46-49.61 inches, making it suitable for people of various heights. The armrest height (lowest position) is 23.62 inches, and the head support adjust range is 1.97 inches. The chair weighs 45.2 lbs and has a tilt of 30 degrees.

Overall, the FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro (OC14) is a well-made, comfortable, and sturdy office chair that can cater to the needs of different users. The adjustable features, along with the breathable and stretchy fabric, make it a great choice for those who sit for extended periods. The chair comes with a limited warranty covering material or manufacturing defects in new FlexiSpot products, making it a reliable and worthwhile investment for your office or home.

This is the fourth item that I’ve experienced from the Flexispot brand. My partnerships with  Regine, the Flexispot Media Outreach Specialist have been lovely and I have been very happy with everything from them so far, so I’d feel pretty secure in suggesting the brand to you in general! Check them out if you’re in the market for a desk or chair.  

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