Origami Owl Living Locket Review & #Giveaway US 5/17

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is a company founded by a very highly motivated and forward thinking teenager named Bella.   Bella has definitely found her niche in today’s jewelry market.  Her products are not only high quality but personal and FUN, her mission statement is motivating and empowering, and she shares this by offering the opportunity to enterprising individuals who would like to sell the product line by hostessing parties.

For my review, my independent consultant Jacqueline Woods, gave me the opportunity to custom order a “Living Locket”.  I chose to design a special piece to gift to my Mom for Mother’s day. I had a blast going thru all the beautiful, fun, colorful and thought provoking charms that Bella offers her fans.   My only problem was limiting myself to what I thought was a reasonable number of charms to fit inside a large size living locket.


I chose 4 charms that I felt truly captured my Mom, her life style, journey, family, as well as spiritual beliefs.   I could have chosen many more but thought I would stop at 4 because I didn’t want the locket to look “too full”.

Upon receiving my locket, I was immediately overjoyed with how nice it looked.   My only regret was not ordering more charms.  The locket would not look crowded even if I had twice the number of charms.  I am sure my Mom will continue adding to her living locket. The name “Living Locket” is just that…your locket will continue to grow as your life’s experiences grow.


I can’t think of a more personal/unique piece of jewelry than one that is designed by/for the person wearing it.  What an ingenious idea and concept.  Bella and Origami Owl are one of a kind, just like their jewelry.

You can connect with Jacqueline Woods on her website and facebook.


One lucky winner is going to receive an Origami Owl Living Locket necklace designed by Jacqueline (photo coming soon). It is a large Silver Locket, A Love tag, Large Silver Blessed Plate and a 16 inch Faceted Ball Chain. This is a US giveaway that will end on 5/17/13.

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