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Flattering & Modest Swimwear from girltrunks {Review}

By Asha

August 18th, 2017
Thank you to girltrunks for providing swimwear for review in exchange for my honest opinion.I have never been a big fan of swim suits. Then I had a baby. Since then, I've liked swim suits even less. I am self conscious of my thighs, my behind and my post-baby belly. When I heard about girltrunks I was excited to give them a try. girltrunks makes swimwear with women in mind - all women, no matter height, weight, shape or age.I chose the Haltered States top in Ocean Blue Paisley and the Read more [...]

Natural Vitality Organic Plant-Based Supplements ~ Review

Thank you to Natural Vitality for providing me with products in exchange for this honest blog review. All opinions are 100% my own.Natural Vitality offers customers a line of organic plant-based supplements. Each of the Natural Vitality supplements was created to provide key vitamins and minerals that may be lacking from our diets. When you miss key vitamins and minerals, it throughs your body out-of-whack, causing stress.  Natural Vitality supplements are made to fill those nutritional gaps Read more [...]

5 Tips & Tricks To Stick With Your 1200 Calorie Diet

When I originally committed to a 1200 calorie diet a couple of years ago, I lost 25 pounds. I'm 5'1" and based on my weight I need about 1,450 calories to maintain my weight. Now typically people who count calories choose to cut 500 calories/day so that they are at a 3500 shortage each week, which is roughly 1 pound lost per week. However, it's rarely recommended for anyone to eat less than 1,200 calories a day so for people like myself who need less than 1700 calories to maintain, our weight loss Read more [...]

GuruNanda ~ Honeycomb Diffuser & Essential Oils

Have you jumped on the essential oil bandwagon yet?  When I first heard about oils quite a few years ago, I wasn't quite convinced.  But as time went on and my husband and I started looking at more natural ways to live, treat illness, and eat, essential oils became a topic of discussion.  I'll say right now, I was ready to give them a try but my husband drug his feet.  So when I first started, I'd only use them for the kids and I.  But once my husband finally gave them a go, even he admits that Read more [...]

Vital Protiens ~ A Product Review

By Lakota

July 28th, 2017
Thank you to Vital Protiens for providing product in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. With so many workout supplements on the market its hard to decide which is really healthy or best for your body. Of course minimal ingredients is a must to ensure you aren't getting bunch of yucky fillers weighing your body and digestive tract down. Another thing to look for is naturally sourced ingredients, things you understand, recognize as food and hopefully can pronounce.Vital Proteins Read more [...]