Get Cooking With Weldon Owen + Delicious Bread Sticks Recipe & Giveaway (US & Canada) 3/3

I have always loved spending time baking, cooking, and creating in the kitchen.  From a young age, it always drew me in and my mom would constantly turn to me to deliver a delicious dessert for whatever upcoming gathering, meeting, or event they had coming up.  But I know that not everyone loves to cook or bake.  My sister is one.  She feels like she is incapable but I think that in a case like hers, she just needs some help and a really great set of cookbooks to boost her confidence.  I still Read more [...]

Hannah’s Easy & Scrumptious Scones Recipe

I've always wanted to be an awesome baker/cook and even contemplated culinary school.  Over the years, I've pulled off some pretty neat things like the year I made a checkerboard birthday cake for our daughter.  It was four layers high and turned out perfect!  However, it was quite the feat and I have yet to try a second go at it.   (Because as it is, just last year we had a birthday cake catastrophe when my layer cake literally split faster than an earthquake could have made it!)   But over Read more [...]

Creamy Chicken Tortillas Recipe ~ “It’s What’s For Dinner!?”

While I'm not the bravest in the kitchen, I do try new recipes from time to time.  We dairy farm so, even though it drives my husband nuts some times, I enjoy having meals with chicken from time to time.  (He thinks because we butcher our own heifers that we should stick to eating only beef.)  It's funny though because he sure does rave about some of my dishes that contain chicken!  One dish in particular that he favors is my Creamy Chicken Torillas.  I got this recipe from an awesome friend Read more [...]

Valentine Sweet Punch Recipe + 16 Oz. Pioneer Woman Mason Jar W/Lids Set Review & Giveaway (Continental US) 2/6

The next holiday on the calendar just so happens to be Valentine's Day.  We don't have any big celebration planned but we'll probably make a craft, eat some heart shaped cut-out cookies, and create a delicious treat to drink.  Our Valentine Sweet Punch Recipe is always a hit for the kids (and the husband) so I wanted to share it with you all today.  It does take a little prep as the "topping" needs to be in the freezer for about 5 hours. Sending a big thank you to Pioneer Woman for sponsoring Read more [...]

Pampered Chef ~ Rockcrok Dutch Oven XL + Taco Soup Recipe & Giveaway! (Continental US) 12/29

Sending a big thank you to Pampered Chef for providing this amazing product for review as well as sponsoring the giveaway.  All opinions are my own.The weather outside is frightful and it's definitely more delightful indoors.  While I'm not a huge fan of the freezing Minnesota winters, I do enjoy some of the yummy foods that come with this time of year.  I have a great chili recipe as well as some delicious soups, and other comfort foods that definitely make the days a bit more bearable.  Read more [...]