Baked Salmon with Italian Herb Crust Recipe

By Amber

June 29th, 2021
It's Amber, coming at you with another delicious salmon meal! If you couldn't tell, our family loves wild caught salmon. We make a variation of it at least once a week. Wild caught salmon is so healthy and our kids always love these recipes. Since this one was so popular, I figured I'd share it with you!  Baked Salmon with Italian Herb Crust For this recipe, you'll need salmon (wild-caught is best!), dried basil leaves, parmesan cheese, diced garlic, Italian seasoning and bread crumbs OR Italian Read more [...]

Tuscan Sundried Tomato Salmon Recipe

By Amber

June 24th, 2021
It's summer which means it's time for some fresh salmon recipes! Recently I made a Tuscan sundried tomato salmon recipe and it was so good that I had to share.  Tuscan Salmon Recipe Our kids love salmon so we try to eat it at least once a week. Wild caught salmon is full of vitamins and nutrients and it tastes great, too! This recipe incorporates a variety of savory flavors and is a way for me to get our kids to eat spinach willingly which is just a bonus! You start by patting the salmon dry Read more [...]

3 Easy & Inexpensive Homemade Facial Mask Recipes

During the last year, my daughters and I have had several at-home spa days. We usually do a homemade facemask and our nails. Occasionally we add in hair treatments. We have a lot of fun doing at-home spa days, save money, and feel rejuvenated afterward. Today I want to share a few of our favorite homemade facial mask recipes with you. Most of the ingredients are things people usually have on hand. These homemade facial masks can be messy. I suggest wearing a top you aren't concerned about ruining. Read more [...]

One Pot Chicken Bacon Mushroom Florentine Recipe

By Amber

April 15th, 2021
This one pot chicken bacon mushroom Florentine is a huge hit in my house, even with our increasingly picky kids! It's a great way to pack some protein and vegetables including mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and spinach into a hearty, filling meal. While we had a week of nice weather here in Minnesota, we're back to chilly 40's this week and I knew it would be the perfect time to make this for dinner. One Pot Chicken Bacon Mushroom Florentine Recipe One of my favorite things about this meal is Read more [...]

Homemade Sugar-Free Caramel Corn Recipe

A couple of years ago, we removed sugar from our diets. It wasn't easy, but it was something we felt strongly about. The benefits have been amazing! With that said, we do miss some of the treats that we had previously enjoyed. One of them being, caramel corn. The caramel corn wasn't something we ate regularly, but it was a family favorite.  Cheyenne, my almost 12-year-old daughter decided to play with some recipes to see if she could make a sugar-free caramel sauce to use in making a batch Read more [...]