Air Wick National Park Collection Review

I love nature. I love to be out in nature. However, I don’t particularly like to be out in the rain. Which where I live, Washington State, means that you don’t get to be out in nature much. So, I was very excited to be able to review some Air Wick National Park scents, for National Parks Week, the 22-26. Now I can be in the National Parks for National Parks Week, without actually being there.

I received the Air Wick scented oil warmer, with the scents, Dehali, Hawaii, Grand Canyon, and American Samoa.


And the Dehali scented candle:

I was incredibly impressed with the scented oil warmer. For one, the warmer itself has different settings, from low to high, which determine how powerful the scent will be. I used the medium setting for the most part, and the smell filled up our whole apartment. After just a few hours of using the warmer, you could smell the scent throughout the apartment. It’s a much stronger scent than other oil warmers I’ve used, so I was really happy with it.

The scents also last a really long time! While I enjoyed how strong the scent was on the medium setting, I turned it up to high after about a week, to see how long the scent would last. Here’s a picture of the oil after a little over two weeks of use:


As you can see, I only got through half of the oil. It would have lasted even longer if I’d kept it on medium the whole time. The oil lasts a lot longer than other oil warmers I’ve used, and the scent is more powerful. It couldn’t be better!

The scented candle was also nice. I loved that the glass around the candle was frosted, it gives it such a nice glow when it’s lit. I really like the Dehali scent, it’s a very pleasant cotton-like scent. The candle wasn’t very strong of a scent, however. You had to be sitting next to it to smell it. I typically like my candles to be a bit stronger. The candle does last a long time when lit. I’ve had it lit quite a bit, and I still have wax left to burn.

The Air Wick National Park Collection scents were really nice. The Grand Canyon scent is really sweet and floral, the Hawaii is exotic and tropical, the American Samoa is also sweet, with hints of coconut. There wasn’t a scent I didn’t like!

Overall, I really liked the scented oil warmer. I found the candle a little underwhelming as far as scent strength, but it was still a very nice candle. I also really liked the National Park scents.

You can find these Air Wick limited edition Scented Oils, Oil Warmer, and Scented Candles, at stores near you. They also have Freshmatic Auto Spray Refills, and Reed Diffusers in the National Park scents as well.

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