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How’s your productivity these days? Are you doing much progress on your daily to-do list? Are you bothered that there is still so much to do?

Don’t beat up yourself too much if you feel that way. We come across unproductive days and it could really be bothersome. No matter what happened today, you can still do something about it.

When you start feeling annoyed that you aren’t that productive – remember that there are ways to turn the situation around. Here are three ways to improve your productivity:

Take regular breaks. – When list of things to do is piling up, you may have the tendency to work on them with no breaks. You probably have this mindset that the more you work on it, the more things you will check off the list.

There’s nothing really wrong with working on the things you need to do. What’s wrong is when you work hard at it without any breaks at all. When you do things for so long, you will get tired, get burnt-out. And when that happens, you will no longer function well – your productivity plummets down.

Human beings aren’t designed to work non-stop,you need to take a break amidst your busy life. In between tasks, take breaks – take a short walk, drink your coffee without multi-tasking, do some stretches, meditate, and so on. Find out what relaxes you.

Through these short breaks, you give your mind and a body a break. Notice how your energy is recovered and how your focus is improved after these breaks.

Get proper sleep. – This is also related to the previous point. Some people may be guilty of extending their day just to finish tasks. They go way past their bedtime just to finish what they were doing and they even do that quite frequently.

Without proper sleep, you might as well say goodbye to your productivity the next day. Who can work properly if they are feeling lethargic?

Know when to stop during the day and do yourself a favor, get a proper bed to sleep on as well. Some people are too busy to even consider that they are already using a worn-out mattress. When you are using an old mattress, it’s most likely deformed in some areas already. How’s that for comfortable sleep?

Despite a busy schedule, it’s not hard to get a new mattress. You can buy it online and if the size intimidates you because suck bulky packages are difficult to receive at home – get a mattress in a box.

You get the same mattress, just fitted into a smaller package. Remember to check more information on warranties though if you are buying a mattress online.

It’s so easy to replace your old mattress, so get one soon. It’s important to prioritize sleep even if you’re busy. Be amazed on how much you can do the following day if you get a good night’s rest.

Break down tasks. – When you see a Herculean task ahead of you, you might feel intimidated. Either you go blank because you are afraid to take on the job or you would proceed to do it without breaks – as pointed earlier again.

Either way, you won’t be as productive as you want. So what do you do when you are facing such situation? Break down the job into smaller tasks. Focus in accomplishing those small tasks and before you know it – you have finished the entire job.

Even though you have a big job ahead of you, it is easier to plow through it when you break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks. You will feel less overwhelmed as well as you are accomplishing it, bit by bit.

Don’t fret if you’re feeling unproductive. You can be busy but take regular breaks. Sleep properly as well, make it your priority. Work around your sleep, not the other way around. For enormous tasks, break it down into smaller chunks so it will be easier to conquer it. Try these steps and see how your productivity will improve.

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