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firstdressBack to school is right around the corner and with that comes fall homecoming and the need to find the perfect homecoming dress. Dress First is a website that sells homecoming dresses, wedding dresses, prom dresses as well as other special occasion dresses and accessories. As so many movies have shown us, no girl wants to show up to her event to find another girl wearing the same dress. Shopping locally can increase the risk of that happening, and limits the selection of dresses to choose from. I like to view all of my options before choosing so that I can pick my VERY favorite – and shopping online makes it way easier to see a wide selection than having to go from store to store to store.

For indecisive and/or picky people like myself, Dress First is a great place to shop because they have a huge selection (over 900 dresses!) in the homecoming section and most of their dresses can be ordered in TONS of colors. For example, the dress pictured on the upper left of this blog post can be ordered in 28 colors for the dress itself, 28 colors for the sash and 28 colors for the embroidery! Depending on the color selections, this dress could really go from a huge eye grabber to a much more subtle, sweet look so although there are over 900 dresses to choose from, the color personalization makes hundreds of more possibilities.


For those who might be going to the homecoming dance with a partner, the color possibilities make it way easier to try to match to a vest/tie for their partner. Most stores have limited color options, so the only way to match coloring with someone else is to order both outfits from the same place which again limits your choices and often increases the cost, too. That’s no fun! The color options also could be a unique way to “match” to another female without having the same dress – you could order a purple and white dress while your friend gets the same dress in white with purple! There are endless possibilities.



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