Nadine west 2024 clothing review

Nadine West sent me clothing subscription bags for review. There are affiliate links in this article. All opinions are my own.

I fell a bit behind on my Nadine West reviews due to our holiday gift guide. For this article, I’ll be sharing an overview of several Nadine West bags at once. This way, you can get a better idea of what Nadine West offers than a single review would usually include anyway!

If you’re new to the idea, Nadine West is a clothing subscription service for women. When you sign up, you fill out a style profile where you share your clothing sizes, and some style preferences. For example, you can tell them if you wear silver-toned jewelry, gold-toned jewelry, or both. You can tell them which colors or patterns of clothing you like and which ones you dislike (florals, orange, stripes, etc). You’re also able to give a budget range, share whether you wear specific accessories like scarves or sunglasses, and more. You also choose whether you want to receive monthly or bimonthly shipments. 

Once your Nadine West style profile is completed, you’re all set. A stylist will look at the information you provided, and will assemble a shipment of clothing and accessories that they think you will like. You’ll be charged approximately $10 for the shipping fee. When the shipment arrives, you have a few days to try everything on and decide what you want to keep and what you don’t. There is a list of prices included in your shipment, as well as a prepaid return shipping label. You return anything you don’t want to keep. As long as you keep at least one item, the price that you paid for shipping will be rolled into the cost of those items. For example, if you keep an item valued at $20, the ~$10 shipping fee will be taken out, so you’ll only be charged an additional $10, not $20. 

Rather than go over each item from these bags separately, I made a couple of collages and will cover each clothing category more generally. I’ve received a lot of Nadine West bags over the years, so I thought giving my overall impressions could be helpful.

Nadine West Tops Review

Nadine West sends me a wide variety of tops. Some of my all-time favorite tops have come from Nadine West. In the last couple of bags, I decided to keep a couple of sweaters that had a crochet like look to them. A lot of the t-shirts or other casual shirts that I get sent from Nadine come in a really soft, stretchy material that feels great on, but wrinkles extremely easily. In one of my recent bags, I was sent a really lightweight zip-up jacket for the first time (Second photo in this collage in the top row). I was really excited to see Nadine West expand to now include thin jackets! I’d say the vast majority of the tops that are sent to me fit okay, but I have received shirts that are excessively large for their size, and others that seem extra small for their size at times.  The only downside that comes to mind when I think about the tops that they send me, is they do seem to still send me a lot of tunic-length tops. These seem rather out of trend at this point, and as a short woman, it’s easy for tunics to look like dresses on me which just makes them awkward to style. 

Nadine West Pants Review

I have very mixed feelings about the bottoms that Nadine West sends me. On one hand, 90% of the bottoms in my dresser came from Nadine West. I LOVE the jean-like leggings they send me. They have elastic waists, but real pockets and are made of a thin, stretchy jean material. It’s so nice to be able to look like I’m wearing regular jeans while being more comfortable! I love getting these from Nadine West, and in the past they’ve sent me those quite regularly. 

I have received quite a few leggings and joggers from Nadine West that I really like as well. They send me ones that feel “buttery soft” fairly often – yes, I’m talking about that fabric that you might associate with Lularoe. I love that fabric, and have received quite a few leggings and joggers in that fabric from Nadine West that I absolutely love. I have also received leggings from Nadine West that are a firmer, more athletic/workout style material that I don’t really care for, but I think most people who like workout clothing would like. I also occasionally receive leggings that are a cheap, itchy fabric, but not too often. 

The other ‘category’ of bottoms or pants that I get from Nadine West are their dress pants. They send me a lot of pants that look like dress pants, but are a really cheap feeling material that I find very itchy. It reminds me of the material that Halloween costumes were made out of when I was a kid (90s to early 00’s). I wish there was a way to opt-out of dress pants from Nadine West, as I really have no use for dress pants as I work from home and when I dress up, I wear dresses. Even if I did wear dress pants though, I would not like the fabric that so many of their dress pants are made from. I don’t see this fabric in stores, so I find it a little odd how often these are sent in Nadine packages. I’d love to see Nadine West increase the quality of the dress pants they send, as I think this is the weakest portion of their clothing. 

Nadine West 2024 clothing review

Nadine West Dresses Review

Nadine West sends me a really wide variety of dresses. As a result, there have been a lot sent to me that I dislike, a lot that I felt more neutral about, and a lot that I’ve really loved! For the most part, even the dresses that I’ve been sent that I disliked, I felt like it was a matter of personal preference. I generally feel like their dresses are high quality and nicely varied which is ideal for this sort of service in my opinion. 

Nadine West Jewelry Review

I have my style profile set to allow Nadine West to send me gold-toned and silver-toned jewelry. It’s quite rare that I keep any of the jewelry longterm. They send costume jewelry or fashion jewelry (whatever term you prefer) and not fine jewelry. I have an allergic reaction to some cheaper jewelry, I believe I probably have a nickel allergy but I am not sure. Anyway, I tend to stick with fine jewelry as a result, and I know of plenty of places where I can get fine jewelry at good prices. This makes it hard for me to justify ever buying silver-toned jewelry that isn’t sterling silver, or gold-toned jewelry that isn’t real gold. Some of the jewelry sent to me is quite affordable (around $12-$15) but other times I get sent jewelry that is priced at up to $40, and that just seems pricy to me for non-fine jewelry. I think the jewelry from Nadine West would be better suited to someone who really likes to collect fashion jewelry, and who isn’t as frugal as I am about their jewelry/accessories budget. 

Try it yourself:

If you’re looking to try Nadine West yourself, use my link and head to Shop to make an account and fill out a style profile. Use my personal code EEVERT25 to get $25 off if you keep everything in your shipment! 

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  • Julie Waldron

    Those are some great pieces! The yellow dress is adorable, I love the lace!

  • Anne

    I used to love going shopping, but especially since the pandemic, I have to say the thrill is gone. The idea of having clothing sent to me is intriguing, although I wonder if I would actually keep enough of the pieces to make it worthwhile. The jeans-style leggings sound awesome, and I’d love to try them. I hope you kept that brown top with the V neck – you look so pretty in it!

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