DIY Temporary Tattoo

I have shared with you my past and present in the art of Henna, and now I would like to share with you my beginning road of Jagua.First of all what is Jagua?Jagua is a trade name for the skin dying gel made from a rainforest fruit by the name of Genipa Americana. Thousands of years, South American natives have used the indigo/black dye obtained from the unripe Genipa fruit to adorn their beautiful skin and ward off stinging insects.There are some pretty dreaded stories about "Black Read more [...]

My Journey In Henna

I remember the first time I ever found out henna existed, I was in Florida with my parents and grandmother on vacation, my dad went into a tattoo parlor and received a Chinese style symbol on his arm in Henna. I was already 14 at this point and obviously very interested in tattoos and the like. To find out there was an alternative to a tattoo that included no pain was pretty interesting.I stumbled upon Henna over and over again as a young (and broke) adolescent at each and every event and fair Read more [...]

DIY Bleach Shirt Tutorial

Ever since I was a young kid I loved to make things. I loved making everything from crafts, valentines for the other kids at school even clothes. When I was in middle school I'd say I crafted the most with my clothes as we didn't have much money to really have unique things. So I made my own unique style instead!Now that I am older I still love to make things because one, it's cheaper than ordering custom and two, I have virtually no limits to what I can make! I've always made my kids birthday Read more [...]

Stampede Bikes ~ A Sprinter 14 Review

Thank you to Stampede for providing me with product in exchange for review purposes. All opinions belong to me. I remember the day my son got his first pedal bike, he was 5 and it took him matter of days to master. At that same moment I think everyone who was within earshot of my three year old daughter heard that she didn't have a pedal bike. My husband and I heard her sing this complaint in song lyrics and throughout her pretend phone conversation for what felt like months. I knew that she Read more [...]

Vital Protiens ~ A Product Review

Thank you to Vital Protiens for providing product in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. With so many workout supplements on the market its hard to decide which is really healthy or best for your body. Of course minimal ingredients is a must to ensure you aren't getting bunch of yucky fillers weighing your body and digestive tract down. Another thing to look for is naturally sourced ingredients, things you understand, recognize as food and hopefully can pronounce.Vital Proteins Read more [...]