ThunderSnap Making Leash Attachment Easy!

Thank you to ThunderSnap for providing me with product in exchange for review purposes. All opinions belong to me.Having a great dane means having a lot of patience during the puppy years. Great dane's bodies grow so incredibly fast! Being excited for a walk or leash time at all, results in a bit of me or my kids fumbling to get the leash attached because he's so wiggly and happy. Once the wiggling comes almost every time one of us gets stepped on or knocked over in our pup Pharaoh's anticipation.I Read more [...]

Intense Fun While Trying to Breakout! ~ A Review

Thank you to Breakout for allowing me to breakout in exchange for review purposes! All opinions belong to me. Zombies, puzzles, mystery, friends and a time limit, there is no better way to spend your time. I feel my generation is the generation that might have a slight love for the Zombie apocalypse. We have shows surrounding Zombie apocalypse, video games, paint ball games, books, you name it we have slapped a Zombie on it!The fun and thrill of an escape game is no place to skimp on Read more [...]

Home Chef ~ Treating Dad for Father’s Day

Thank you to Home Chef for providing product in exchange for review! All opinions belong to me. Making food at home is what inspired my husband and I's love for food. It was the place a lot of my first food hurdles were crossed. When I was younger, I had a lot of apprehension about trying new food. With slow steady steps I was able to let my palate grow and develop to new flavors.Home Chef is perfect for  finding new flavors you've never had before. Home chef is also great for learning Read more [...]

Longhorn ~ Dining in or Grilling out perfection!

Thank you to Longhorn for covering dinner in exchange for review purposes. All opinions belong to myself. My husband and I are total foodies. Every vacation we have ever taken needs to meet a food requirement of fun new places to dine out. We love trying new food, new twists on old food, best of the foods, as well as adventurous foods. No matter how much we travel and eat I think there will always be place in our hearts for an amazing steakhouse. Steakhouse flavors bring me back to my childhood Read more [...]

Original Grain ~ Classic Review & Giveaway 6/25

Thank you to Original Grain for providing me product in exchange for review purposes. All opinions belong to myself.In high school my husband wore sweatbands and thicker bracelets as a part of his style. Once he got older he found it hard to find a transitional piece that didn't scream teenager. I introduced him to watches and he's been a watch lover ever since. While not really finding it hard to find watches he liked, he did have a hard time finding watches that looked good on him and were Read more [...]