truHugs Weighted blanket review
By Lakota

June 28th, 2020

Thank you goes out to TruHugs for sending me product in exchange for review. All opinions belong to me. 

You’ve most likely heard of weighted blankets, but you might be wondering what the purpose of sleeping with one is. I had heard they could help with stress and sensory issues and who couldn’t use a little help dealing with stress? Something you might not know about weighted blankets is that they provide deep touch pressure stimulation. Deep touch pressure stimulation is known to help with so many different ailments, like stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and more. We as humans really do benefit from a big ol hug and the weighted blankets from TruHugs provide exactly that.
 truHugs Weighted blanket review
truHugs Weighted blanket review
We received a Duo size weighted blanket with a hemp cover. The blanket was much heavier than I thought it would be which made me really excited that it would be more effective.
truHugs Weighted blanket review
I unzipped the concealed zipper on the cover, unzipped it laid it flat on the floor and then lay the weighted blanket portion within the cover.
truHugs Weighted blanket review
Next I worked my way around the outside corners tying the cover to the blanket to keep things aligned.
truHugs Weighted blanket review
My husband and I used this blanket mostly in the winter weather, but never once felt too hot underneath it. We could easily sleep with this blanket in the summer as well as the outside cover just stays so cool to the touch. The blanket is something my 8 year old loved having piled on top of him and wrapping himself in and my other two kids did as well.
truHugs Weighted blanket review
On our first night we slept pretty amazing, very deep sleep and very restful sleep. The next couple nights we faced an issue with the blanket slipping down inside of the cover, we checked to be sure that the ties along the side we still in place and tight and they were but it seemed there needed to be another set of ties maybe on the front and back surface of the weighted portion as together they were just so slippery they wouldn’t stay in place. A way around this issue that worked for us was to take the cover off and sandwich the weighted portion between a sheet and another blanket. This provided enough friction that the weighted blanket didn’t slip down and away from us each time we adjusted the blankets throughout the night.
truHugs Weighted blanket review
I really enjoyed the sleep that I experienced from using the TruHugs blanket and I really loved it for nap times during the day as that is when I find it hardest to fall and stay asleep even if I really need it and the weighted blanket seemed to give that little bit of extra I needed to be able to do so.
TruHugs has a single size blanket that would be perfect for a child or single adult as well.

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  • monique s

    This looks really cozy and comfy. Thanks for the review as I have been considering one of these blankets

  • Peggy Nunn

    My grandson asked for a weighted blank for Christmas, he loved it. My niece got one for her son that has night terrors and it helped. It is amazing what the security of the blanket can also do.

  • Helga

    This looks like a cozy weighted blanket. I like that it stays in place. I have trouble falling asleep sometimes so I am interested in trying it.

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