4 Keys to Switching Your Diet Successfully

As everyone here already knows I tend to always be in the search for the healthiest, best diet. We've tried Paleo, but recently with cholesterol tests that came back high at 27 years old, I realized that diet was not working for me. I made the drastic change to all of our diets to go whole food plant based vegan. This means no oil, no animal products and no processed foods. Currently we are allowing salt but in moderation. At first it felt really restrictive and then I quickly realized why my cholesterol Read more [...]

Improving My Whole Families Health with Bacteria from Humarian

Thank you to Humarian for providing me with product in exchange for review purposes. All opinions are my own. As someone who believes in a more natural approach to health I believe prevention is key. Boosting my immune system, eating healthy meals as often as possible, and taking high quality supplements are some of the things I try to implement in my daily regiment. There is quite a bit of research showing that good bacteria is needed for a healthy body and a great way to get that good bacteria Read more [...]

Pumping In Style With Medela’s Freestyle Pump

Thank you to Medela for providing me with product in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. With my first two children in order to help encourage myself to stick with nursing I didn't buy any bottles or have any formula in the house. My grandmother did urge that I might get a hand breastpump just in case I needed to express any milk for any reason, so I did. After I had my son I was so glad that I had the pump as I was very engorged in the beginning. Afterwards we were together constantly Read more [...]

Inspiring New Flavors with Chef’d

Thank you to Chef'd for providing me with product in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. Finding tried and true recipes online isn't easy and lets face it, it's hard to want to spend money on full size ingredients that you just aren't sure you will use. I love using subscription meal companies to find new and exciting meals as well as learn new cooking techniques. Chef'd is a company offering a large array of recipes ranging from breakfast to dessert with gourmet options as well!Chef'd Read more [...]

My Long Awaited HomeBirth Story

First let me start off with thanking you all for being so patient with me while I got myself more set in a three child home! It has taken a little while to write this due to the hectic life that is a newborn, six and four year old. So without further delay, my homebirth story.I had what would be my last prenatal on February 23rd. Everything was checking out great. My Iron was on point and I was feeling great. My midwife Hannah needed to be gone up north two hours for a certification program February Read more [...]