The All New Graco Harper 4 in 1 Crib ~ A Review

Thank you to Storkcraft Direct for providing me with product in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. When I had my first baby seven years ago, I was so excited to decorate the baby room. We lived in an apartment at the time so decor was quite limited. I wasn’t allowed to paint or hang shelves. We lived in a two bedroom apartment with my mom at the time so the idea of a whole room dedicated to baby furniture, accessories and decor wasn’t really an option either. I was gifted my crib Read more [...]

Breastfeeding Hack that Saved My Style!

It has been a while since an update with me and my little family! Little Link is doing amazing, almost a year old now believe it or not. He is standing and walking with furniture support. He is eating or rather I should say trying lots of foods. We practice baby led weaning which entails waiting for baby to truly be ready for real whole foods like steamed broccoli, carrots and more. I love following this method as I never have to mess with puree's or baby food in general. Our little one just eats Read more [...]

How and Why I Sleep on the Floor Featuring Joybed

Thank you to Joybed for providing me with product in exchange for review purposes. All opinions belong to me.  My husband and I have been floor sleeping for about two months. I first found out and considered floor sleeping after reading articles regarding the incredibly toxic materials most mattress are made out of. Not only are these chemicals toxic for your health but they are also non bonded. Non bonded chemicals mean that every time you touch or bump or move on the mattress these toxic chemicals Read more [...]

Converting a Regular Bra to a Nursing Bra

I love to DIY. I really love to DIY things with a practical use. I have so many bras from pre-pregnancy that are adorable and cute and lacey. Seeing those cute bras over and over and then comparing them to my current nursing bras can be a  bummer sometimes, especially when I know that I'll be nursing for a minimum of another year. So I decided that I would convert all those cute bras to nursing bras!What you'll need for this project:nursing bra clips cute regular bras a small Read more [...]

Raw Spice Bar ~ A Spicy Gift for The Cook in Your Life & Giveaway (12/30)

Thank you to Raw Spice Bar for providing me with product in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. When my family switched to a whole food plant based vegan diet we were able to realize that meat was not providing a lot of the flavor in our dishes. We found that it was actually the spices within the dish that really made the dish stand out or fall short.Using the raw spices from Raw Spice Bar has made such a difference in the meals we have made. Every meal from breakfast to dessert Read more [...]