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Since starting this blog I have been lucky enough to try out all kinds of organic products. However, up until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t tried any organic hair products. I was thrilled to work with head organics.

They sent me a huge box full of full sized products for review. The box included their shampoo, their conditioner, their 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner, styling wax, anti-frizz serum, extra hold hairspray, leave in conditioning spray, extra hold mousse, extra hold hair spray and then a handful of sample packets. Whew that’s a lot of stuff! I’m going to go product by product to give you a better idea of each product individually.

Shampoo: Have you ever noticed that some shampoos seem to feel basically like a conditioner? While others, after being used make your hair feel much differently even though your hair is wet? The only term I can think of to describe the term is raw. I’ve noticed this with a few shampoos, and it’s definitely the case for the head organics shampoo. At first, I wondered if the shampoo and conditioner together would make my hair tangle, because my hair just felt so raw. The shampoo has a slight scent but is nowhere near the scent of your average shampoo, so that took a bit of an adjustment for me.

Conditioner: The conditioner makes my hair feel soft and is easily brushable after being washed, while not feeling like I’m clumping this product in my hair, like so many conditioners do. As I mentioned above, the shampoo made me worry about the condition that my hair would be in after using them, but the conditioner definitely makes my hair still manageable and soft. Like the shampoo, the conditioner also has a very faint scent compared to most other brands.

Shampoo/conditioner 2 in 1: I can see this shampoo/conditioner 2 in 1 as being the ‘answer’ for people who are interested in using organic shampoo and conditioner, but dislike the way their hair feels after using just the shampoo. This is both at once so you avoid the raw feeling. I tried using this for just one application and my hair was more tangly than usual, but still manageable. However, after that first time I’ve decided to put this in, wash it out and then repeat, to make my hair behave a bit better.  That being said, my hair is pretty long, hanging down to my bra strap in back. So I of course am more likely to have tangles and management issues than people with shorter hair.

Leave in conditioning spray: I’m not used to regularly using conditioning spray, but I did try it a few times and it is light and adds a bit of softness to my hair throughout the day. I would assume that people who like using leave in conditioners would enjoy this.

Shine/Anti-frizz serum: I have used anti-frizz products in the past that made my hair so heavy and made it feel very hard and crunchy. This product feels very light in my hair but works well on fly aways.

Styling wax: This comes in a fairly small circular container. When I opened the container I was surprised at how little product there seemed to be, especially compared to the other items. However, upon first trying the wax, I understood why. I used just the tip of my finger to scrape off a little bit of this jell to put into my boyfriends hair to try and make it stand up. My boyfriends hair is about 5 inches long so of course it couldn’t hold it straight up, but the little bit that I used seemed like too much, which blew me away. It coated his hair really quickly. So definitely less is more, with this stuff. I used this and the gel the same way, in a little twist of hair trying to make it stand up, and this product made it stand up the best. So this seems to have a hold of strength and hold.

Extra hold mousse: I tried this in my own hair, though I will admit I’m not real familiar with what mousse can be used for, I did know that sometimes girls use it as they get out of the shower to keep their hair looking like they just got out of the shower, like a slightly wavy, hair in clumps type of look. It added a decent amount of volume and held my hair together well. It did make my hair a little hardened but nothing like other products where your hair almost makes a crunch noise.

Extra Hold hair gel: I used this to make Ryan’s hair into a stand up twist. It didn’t hold quite as well as the wax, but does seem to have a decent amount of hold and strength to it. I think I used too much of this as his hair was left feeling sticky even several minutes after I used it, so it didn’t seem to dry well. So less is more with this stuff as well. As I mentioned Ryan’s hair is really long so it’s really putting this stuff to the test, I’m sure it would work great for styling most men’s hair.

Extra hold hair spray: I used this in both my hair and Ryan’s hair. It seemed to work alright, but not quite as well as other hair sprays I’ve used. However, it doesn’t stink like most hair sprays and it doesn’t leave your hair feeling crunchy at all really. There is a tiny bit of a hardened feel but nothing like the products I’ve used, which is a definite bonus in my opinion. I hate the crunchy hair feeling that a lot of products use.

Whew! That’s it. Overall these products work at least as well as other non-organic products I’ve used, except they don’t have the over powering smells or harmful ingredients.

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Disclaimer – I was sent a box full of hair products for the purposes of this review. No other form of compensation was offered or accepted. All opinions are my own.
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