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Good Nite Lite was developed to teach children to stay in bed until an appropriate time to get up. A timer lets you set a wake time and a sleep time. When you are ready for your kids to wake, the Sun will shine yellow. At bedtime, the Moon glows blue.


If your child has a habit of waking in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn, they will continue this habit, until they learn a new one. Good Nite Lite suggest that you modify this behavior with a behavioral cue, such as the easily distinct display of the Moon (time to sleep) and that of the Sun (time to get up).

“The Good Nite Lite can help your child establish an appropriate sleep pattern by gradually extending sleep periods until your child is getting the rest that is critical for healthy development.”


My poor Girls have inherited my sleep issues. Savannah is almost 5; she has always fought off sleep. She has never been a napper (not even as an infant!) The second she wakes up she is at full speed until bedtime. We describe her as Taz running in circles all day and then finally just hitting a wall and dropping! Cheyenne is 2.5; she still isn’t sleeping through the night consistently. When she was an infant/toddler, I would get up with her on average 5-10 times a night to help her find her pacifier and reassure her that everything was OK. At 2, we said goodbye to pacifiers, this helped drop her waking to around 3 or 4 times a night. Now, she has developed a fear of the dark and won’t go to sleep without a light on.


I have tried many things to teach them better sleep habits. I got Savannah an alarm clock teaching her that at 7:00 we go to bed and at 6:00 (when the music comes on) they could get up but, she didn’t understand. I tried showing Cheyenne that her room was safe and she could rest without fear but, she wasn’t convinced. I contacted Good Nite Lite to see if they could help me/us. They thought this was exactly what we needed. Much to my surprise, the Good Nite Lite has helped! Savannah understands the difference between the Sun shining and the Moon glowing. Cheyenne appreciates it for the shuttle glowing light. She still wakes some nights but, those days are becoming more infrequent. We have also noticed that they usually stay in bed in the morning waiting for the Sun to tell them they can get up. The girls have also made it a game to see if they can “beat the Moon” to bed. I/we love it!   🙂


I feel that this would be a WONDERFUL gift for your little especially if they are afraid of the dark or is an early riser.



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