ARRANGING IT ALL was organized in 1996 by Barry Izsak. Since that time, he has been making order out of chaos for many clients. Barry is a Certified professional Organizer as well as a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist.

Also on the team at ARRANGING IT ALL are three highly qualified and talented individuals who are equally dedicated to helping their clients experience the wonderful feeling of being organized. With today’s fast pace and the numerous roles that we fill each and every day, being organized is a prerequisite to being successful.

ARRANGING IT ALL provides services to clients who may want to organize their home, their business, their relocation, or maybe just one aspect of their business such as their filing system. They will also arrange for the installation of closet shelving.

If your method of learning is by attending a presentation, ARRANGING IT ALL can do that. If you prefer to watch a video, you have that option also. You can even participate in a Webinar if that’s your preference. ARRANGING IT ALL caters to many different learning styles and levels depending on your need.

For our review, we received the “Organize Your Garage…In No Time” book. This 270-page book is full of ideas (including photos which is how I learn) on ways to declutter your garage without having to get rid of EVERYTHING. Anyone can have a clean garage if you don’t need to store items or use it as a work area but that’s not what our household needs.

Currently we are using our garage to store items for other family members and it truly is a chaotic and sometimes frightening task to venture out there to find something especially during the holidays! Because many of the items currently in our garage are not ours, we are not in a situation to put many of Barry’s ideas to work for us. However, we are picking up many tricks that we can’t wait to try. One of my favorites is putting like items near one another. For example, I work from home so all of my business records can be kept in one area of the garage in a safe/dry filing cabinet rather than the plastic containers that I am currently using….the ones that are buried under the box of old VHS tapes that I can’t decide what to do with.

Barry also suggests buying pre-made storage units such as those wire racks that can hold open storage bins for items that you need on a regular basis. He’ll even help you with your budget for purchasing or building various storage units/shelves.

Not only does Barry provide the reader with great ideas on storage units but also on efficiency so you can set up a work area with all of your necessary tools within a reasonable distance so there’s less wasted time.

I think the Organize Your Garage…In No Time book would be a fun and helpful Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gift idea. You can find ARRANGING IT ALL on their website and Facebook.

Two lucky winners are going to receive the Organize Your Garage…In No Time book. This giveaway is open to the US and will end on 4/21.




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