Ybike pewi

My 1.5 year old nephew, Drew has been very interested in bicycles for several months now. He Watches my 4 and 6 year old nephews ride their bikes and he longs to be old enough to ride them. My 4 year old nephews bike is a 12″ which is the smallest I’ve seen in stores, yet it’s still much too big  for my Drew. He always wanted us to let him ride it but given that his feet are well above the ground while sitting on the seat in its lowest position, we just didn’t feel that it was safe. He also couldn’t reach the pedals unless they were in the tallest position. He sometimes gets on a big wheel and uses his feet to pull it along, but his legs are too long to reach the pedals. So I went hunting for a better bike for him and found the ybike pewi.

This is a really neat little ride on toy that is designed for toddlers between the ages of 9 and 36 months. It doesn’t have pedals, so I wasn’t sure if my nephew would be convinced that this is a bike, but I had to give it a try anyway.

When the bike arrived it was in a small box and requires a bit of assembly. The only tool that is needed comes right in the box which was super convenient. I was babysitting Drew at my dad’s house and my dad decided to put this together, though after watching how easily he put it together I am sure I could have done it on my own. I would guess that it took roughly 10 minutes to assemble. It would have been put together quicker but Drew wanted to “help” which slowed things down a bit.

Ybike Toddler Bike

As soon as it was together drew jumped on (all by himself as he is tall enough to swing his leg over the seat without a problem). He can drive around pretty quickly and also seems to enjoy pushing it around like a cart. One of my favorite features of the ybike pewi is how quiet it is. My dad has a very small home, where the kitchen and living room aren’t separated by a wall and we can sit and watch tv while drew drives his bike back and forth across the tile in the kitchen without disturbing us at all. In fact, it’s so quiet that I wouldn’t notice that any sound was being made unless I was listening to it. This makes it a great option for getting your toddler active during rainy days or during the winter.

The wheels are similar to a computer chair’s wheels so I guessed that it wouldn’t work too well outside in the driveway, but I was wrong. We took this outside into the garage which has a cement floor and opened the garage door and drew sped around, straight from the concrete into the dirt driveway without slowing down at all. The dirt and stones don’t seem to damage the wheels any and it still works great indoors as well.

I think the best proof that this is a great toddler bike is how Drew now calls it his bike and if my nephews are riding their big boy bikes, he will at first ask to ride their bikes but if I say “why don’t you ride your bike?” he is quickly interested in his own bike and forgets about wanting to get on the other bikes. He has gotten hours worth of use out of his bike already and seems how it has a 44lb weight limit and he is currently still under 30lbs, I am sure he will get much more out of it before he gets too big.

I tried to take a video on my digital camera so the quality is a bit low, and he gets a wheel caught on a sweater that was laying on the ground. But you can see him move about on the bike for a few seconds at least.

We love the ybike pewi!

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