Caroma Electric Scooter Review.

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Have you jumped on the electric train yet?  Electric gadgets, bikes, and scooters are all the rage these days and it’s easy to see why… They’re so much fun!  I love going for family bike rides but tend to tire out quicker than the kids.  Thanks to my pedal assist electric bike, I’m able to keep up with the crew.  So when I came across the Caroma Electric Scooter, I was super excited to check it out in person and get a feel for a new electric mode of transportation.

Caroma Electric Scooter Review

Caroma Electric Scooter Review.

As soon as my kids saw the Caroma Electric Scooter on our doorstep, they couldn’t wait to get it open.  Even though we have some littles in our household, we also have some teens and young adults.  So when we get a new toy that THEY can ride and enjoy, it’s an exciting day.  This electric scooter with seat is geared for adults and rated at 500W (Max 819W) and can reach top speed of 20 mph, with a high-capacity 48V battery that gives you range of up to 25 miles.

Caroma Electric Scooter Review

Set Up:

Setup was simple.  It consisted of unboxing, removing the zip ties and packaging, unfolding, attach the seat (if you chose to use it), and then plugging in the scooter to the charger.  Easy peasy!


  • Adjustable Height Handlebar
  • Adjustable Height Seat

Caroma Electric Scooter Review 1

  • LED Display Screen
    • Shows Real-Time Speed, Battery Life Level, Speed Mode, Cruise Control, & Headlight Icon

Caroma Electric Scooter Review.

  • Rear Shock Absorption
  • Automatic Sensing Headlight (That can also be manually turned on.)

Caroma Electric Scooter Review.

  • Upgraded Frame Supports Up To 300 Pounds
  • 10″ Solid Tires

Caroma Electric Scooter Review.

  • Cruise Control Mode (This mode frees your right hand during a long distance of commuting.)
  • EABS Brake And Drum Brake (Providing safe breaking in just seconds!)

Caroma Electric Scooter Review.

  • Rear Shock Absorption
  • Easy To Fold And Carry (Featuring a convenient quick fold-and-release system, this scooter is made for performance and portability.  You can take it on the subway, bus, or place in the trunk of your car.)


Caroma Electric Scooter Review.

Our Final Thoughts On The Caroma Electric Scooter

We think this is a great electric scooter.  I love how it can be used with the seat or without.  It’s easy to operate.  Just start wheeling a little bit and then pull down the lever to kick in the motor.  The lights made it extra safe, which I appreciate.  It’s not terribly heavy, as even I can move and lift it as needed without much trouble.  Adding in the fact that it folds and it’s a sure winner.

The teens just can’t get enough of riding the Caroma Electric Scooter!  Their favorite feature is the bike seat that they can take on and off as desired.  This scooter rides over every terrain we’ve tested it on including: gravel, grass, and cement.  While it’s definitely a bumpier ride on some terrain over others, this scooter has handled it all well!

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Caroma Electric Scooter Review.

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  • Stop it! You must have known that my teenagers have been doing nothing but talking about these things. They say that these would be a fun way to get to the library and to the local park. They love that it has a little seat where they can comfortably sit if they tire of standing while scooting along. **Always wear a helmet**

  • Wendy Knight

    I’m in a wheelchair and don’t drive, and this looks perfect for getting around the neighborhood.

  • Leela

    It looks like a lot of fun.

  • Barrie

    I love that this scooter has a seat for comfort! Because it folds, it would be great for RVing!

  • Darla c

    This checks so many boxes. It even has a seat. Of course, good to know it can handle different terrain. This would be a really good summer purchase, something for the teens and adults.

  • Lauryn R

    What an awesome electric scooter! I love that it folds up, that is a great feature. It would definitely come in handy for us, as we always have to drive somewhere to ride our bikes. I have never ridden an electric bike or scooter before but they sound like a lot of fun!

  • Barb Flickinger

    Oh to be young again!!! This would have been a great ride in the 50s when I was young, and my balance was still great. I live on dirt roads, so this would be great for when my grandkids visit – bikes are so hard to ride when the dirt gets soft like sand.

  • Maria Egan

    My grandkids love their electric scooters. They use them frequently and having ones that have safety features is important to me as well as always wearing helmets.

  • gloria patterson

    Sharing this with my niece. Her partner has knee problems so walk is a problem for him. This would be perfect for them when they go to parks etc. Only problem would be great niece would want one to

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