Canvas On The Cheap ~ Affordable Canvas Prints!

A popular way to decorate these days is utilizing photos that you've taken yourself and had transformed into canvas art.  I LOVE this trend!  Canvases tend to pop so much more than a typical flat portrait would.  And the sky is the limit with ways you can transform a wall.  Lately, I've really been in love with pictures I've seen where someone utilizes a variety of canvases along with other decor pieces.  But the problem with creating an amazing wall can be the price.  And sadly, all too often, Read more [...]

TMBR ~ Gorgeous Watches {Perfect For Dad This Father’s Day!}

Looking for a useful gift for Dad this Father's Day?  How about the gift of time!  Telling time that is.  My husband has recently just started wearing a watch again and he absolutely LOVES the style, quality, and design behind TMBR watches.  And I am loving their women's line as well!  So today, I'm thrilled to partner with them and share our review of the two watches they sent us to check out.Giving A Gift That Will Be Loved My husband prefers useful gifts when giving and receiving.  Read more [...] ~ Fun Custom Graduation Gift Ideas!

May is here so that means, before we know it, graduation season will be upon us.  This year, we don't have any college graduations to attend.  But we do have a few high school family and friends that are at this mementos part of their lives.  So as I think back to when I was a senior in high school and all the hope that the end of the year held, I'm excited to celebrate too.  However, I do tend to get stumped as to what a great gift would be.  But this year, I'm excited to partner with Read more [...]

Arcopédico Lolita ~ Fashionable And Comfortable Footwear {+ Giveaway} 5/27

Shoes are a BIG deal to me.  If you think about it, they really are a big deal for everyone.  Because if your feet are aching and uncomfortable, the rest of your body suffers too.  A lot of issues can stem from not having a great pair of shoes.  So for the past few years, my favorite brand to turn to has been Arcopédico.  And while I'm thrilled to partner with them today and share their amazing shoes with you, I'm also a customer.  And since I spend my hard earned money on their shoes, you Read more [...]

Lavish Leathers ~ Hand Crafted Leather Accessories {Mother’s Day Gift Idea!}

I LOVE wearing earrings.  Especially dangle hoops and such.  However, my aunt made a comment many years ago that has stuck with me.  She mentioned how heavy earrings tend to stretch out the hole and makes your ears look funny.  Now, whenever I see anyone wearing big heavy earrings, that's all I can think about.  And I've also stopped wearing most big earrings for that reason too.  But I'm excited to partner with Lavish Leathers today as they have solved my problem!Lavish Leathers Lavish Read more [...]