Have Fun This Summer With Must-Have Toys

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Have Fun This Summer With Must-Have Toys.

Have Fun This Summer with These Must-Have Toys

Summer is quickly approaching so it’s time to start planning some activities for outdoor (and indoor) summer fun with family and friends!  Around us, a good number of schools finished up last week and the rest will be done within the next week or two.  That means it’s time for FREEDOM from schedules…… and …… the beginning of the ‘I’m bored’ and ‘there’s nothing to do’ humdrum.  If you’re wanting to get some tools in your toolbox to fend off the summertime boredom; check out some of our favorites from Playmobil, Vango Toys, Bumpas, and more.


Backyard Game That Will Have Everyone In Stitches

While we tend to play more games in the winter, this unique game is made for the backyard!

Vango The UpsideDownChallenge Game Backyard Edition for Kids & Family.

This summer, game night is about to be flipped upside down!  Get read to laugh like never before as players attempt to complete seemingly easy activities such as tossing a ball into a cup, stacking cups into a pyramid or even just walking through an obstacle course made out of rings while wearing goggles that flip your vision upside down. It’s a fantastic choice for game night, backyard barbecues, and picnics.  Sure to create hours of laughter and entertainment, it’s great for ages 8 and up.


Creative Designing With Squaregles Building Set

Our kids LOVE to play with different building toys and I’m excited to learn more about Squareles.

SQUAREGLES Oggs Mega Set - 103-Piece Magnetic Tiles.

You’ll get the chance to build and explore with one of their popular building sets, the 103 piece Oggs Mega Set, all summer long!  This Squaregles sets offer diverse play options.  Characters, comics, paperboard, tracks, and cars cater to various play styles, ensuring every kid is entertained.  The large magnetic tiles securely click and stay together, designed to work seamlessly with other toys plus, they are compatible with other Squaregles play sets!

Bumpas Huggable, Friendly Pals

Stretch, Pop, and Hug with Bumpas Mushies: a soft, comfortable, and squishy plush doll with extendable and retractable long arms and legs! This plush toy is the perfect size to take on trips as your kids little companion and also a great MESH toy that eases travel anxiety and antsy kids.  They are a hands-free friend that brings comfort and love whenever its needed most.

Bumpas Friends.

Our 9 year old received her very first Bumpas at Christmas and now has her third, with hopes for collecting more!  (Our 2 year old loves them too!)  These soft, lovable friends are weighted and fun.  Her newest Bumpas is unique too as as his arms and legs feature tubes that can be stretched for added sensory fun.  These characters are adorable and we just can’t get enough.


A Variety Of Playmobil Fun

Get ready to have some real and imaginative fun – with these new summertime themes from Playmobil including Barbeque, Camping with Kayaks, and Mountain Bike Tour.  You’ll be ready for the best summer yet with these fun playsets!

Playmobil Toy Figure Playset 71427.

Summer is the epitome of fun.  We LOVE having backyard BBQ’s with family and friends and this fun set lets you play pretend, sitting around the fire with father and daughter.  It’s easy to hear the insects buzz and enjoy delicious dinner from the grill. The set contains everything for cosy evenings outdoors.

Playmobil Camping with Kayaks.

It wouldn’t be summer without some water fun.  This adorable set allows you to paddle in a kayak, hike through nature, and create unforgettable moments in front of the spacious tent. In the evening, the family enjoys the sparkling night sky by the campfire.  For outdoor lovers everywhere, fun has never looked sweeter.

Playmobil Mountain Bike Tour.

Riding bike is a summertime staple, especially as a child.  But even now as an adult, I love going on family bike rides or on a quick ride with my husband.  (Of course, now as an adult, my electric Aventon bike does help make it more fun!  lol).  So whether you’re looking for a way to encourage some exercise or just want to let the kids play-act, this biking set is a great choice.  Explore the exhilarating mountain trails with sporty mountain bikes and enjoy a picnic in the great outdoors.  And if the children get injured during the ride, the caring mother tends to their wounds promptly.

Playmobil Seahorse Carriage and Figure Pack Playset.

Not all the water fun has to be at the beach or campground!  Get ready for some ocean adventures with this Seahorse Carriage Playset.  Seahorses pull and guide a carriage through the water, perfect for little mermaids who want to take a break from swimming fun!  Kids get to use their imagination  as they glide past colorful coral reef and fellow sea creatures.  This interactive set includes two PLAYMOBIL mermaids, baby seahorse, starfish shells, and more beautifully detailed accessories.

Tell me, which of these toys do you want for your kids this summer?

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  • I will say that the 5 yr old and the 3 yr old would love the Playmobil sets (especially the camping and biking one for the boy while the girl would love the mermaid set). Something they can play with indoors while the heat of the day is at its hottest point (we live in South Florida and it tends to get so hot and humid). Playmobil always has some fun sets and they never disappoint.

  • Maria Egan

    The Upside Down Challenge Game looks like it would provide so much fun for outside time this summer.

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