The PERFECT Summer Travel Toys (For Kids & Pets!)

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Has your family jumped into summer yet?  Around here, the last of the schools finished up this past week and it appears that summertime is now in full swing.  Last year, we had season passes to a theme park, local zoo, and a local ball team’s games.  This year, we’ve cut back on the busyness so we could enjoy more time at the lake and home.  Not only that, but we’re also saving up money because we’re going to Disney World later this year too!  But even though we’re staying closer to home and doing the stay-cation and local day trips this summer, I just had to share some awesome products with you that can help keep the kids and dogs entertained on the go or at home.

The PERFECT Summer Travel Toys (For Kids & Pets!).

The PERFECT Summer Travel Toys (For Kids & Pets!)

If you’re looking for some fun and unique toys and gadgets to keep the whole family entertained this summer, check this list out.  We’ll start with our beloved dogs and move on to some fun for the kids.

Chuckit! Dog Toys


If you have a dog, you have most likely heard of (or already fallen in love with) Chuckit!.  They offer an ultimate line of fetch toys for dogs and dog parents to enjoy together!  Surprisingly enough, most of the ‘big dogs’ we’ve owned over the years were NOT very good at playing fetch.  We always joked that our 3# yorkie was better at it than any of our other dogs!  However, I think we have hope with our current ‘big dog’ Smokey.   He’s about 1 1/2 years old, super energetic, and still 100% puppy.  The best part, he LOVES chasing balls and toys and is learning the game of fetch!

The PERFECT Summer Travel Toys (For Kids & Pets!)

It’s so much fun tossing toys for him and it makes him super happy too.  He’s great at chasing after the toys and snatching them up.  Most of the time, he’ll bring them back to us but sometimes he drops them in his excitement shortly before he reaches me.  When I saw the awesome goodies that Chuckit! sent us, I was thrilled and so was Smokey and we’ve been having a blast with them.

Hape Owl Bed Oscar Baby Playmat.


When you’ve got a little one, it’s best to keep them out of contraptions so they have the freedom to move, stretch, and explore.  Now, you’ll be able to allow your baby to experience portable playtime thanks to the Take Along Soft-Pad Baby Owl Gym by Hape. Delight in watching your baby engage with the tweeting bird teether, cute owl rattle to match the mat, and flower ring. The convenient folding arch and velcro design makes setting up and putting away a breeze. It’s truly the perfect play mat to take with on any of your summer endeavors or sleepovers at grandmas!

Vango Bizyboo Hide ’N’ Seek Busy Bags Series 2.


The best-selling Bizyboo Bags are back with a new series!  They are the original take on popular toddler busy bags but reimagined as soft, portable, and mess-free character designs that everyone loves!  These are perfect for summer fun on the go because they are portable, packable, and sized just right to toss into a beach bag or tote. The new summer styles are super fun and include an ice creme cone, pirate ship, an avocado, a milkshake, and more! Each Bizyboo Bag features 30 different themed objects just waiting to be found.  Kids (and even adults) love using the written and visual prompts on the attached card to search and even toddlers can have a blast prodding and shifting the beads around.

Bumpas. Mushies Stretch & Pop Oz.


We were first introduced to Bumpas originals last year and our middle daughter fell in love with these weighted stuffed friends who are great at giving hugs.  Well now, there’s a new buddy in town!  Get ready to stretch, pop, and hug with Bumpas Mushies!   The new Mushies lineup features a soft, comfortable, and squishy plush doll in a variety of color options with extendable and retractable long arms and legs plus velcro on their hands and feet that allows them to ‘hang tight’ on you!  This plush toy is the perfect size to take on trips as your kids little companion and also a great MESH toy that eases travel anxiety and antsy kids.

SQUAREGLES Yeti Yikes! Ski Mountain


Get ready to play beyond the build with  Squaregles, combining the fun of track sets and imaginative play sets with the magic of magnetic connections.  And the possibilities are endless when it comes to this 37 piece Yeti Yikes! Ski Mountain set.  Trek up to the top of the mountain to search for the elusive yeti. Is he real or just Squaregles folklore? From there, try to find the fastest way down and twist through the luge and over the moguls to find yourself chilling in the lodge.  The best part is that all Squaregles sets are compatible with each other so get ready to be inspired with new ideas and creativity with each set.  Squaregles are a building toy, ball run, play set, arts & crafts friendly (draw, collage, paint and more on the included paperboard panels that can be added to your build), and so much more.  The sky is the limit!

HoloToyz Paw Patrol Stickers & Tattoos.


Get ready to experience a little virtual reality in a whole new way with HoloToyz’s temporary tattoos.  These Paw Patrol tattoos and stickers will come to life in breathtaking animation when scanned with the free HoloToyz app. Simply stick, scan and watch with amazement!  It actually looks like the pups are moving on your skin.  Turn up the volume to hear the pups jump around and bark to the sound of the theme tune.   Then, tap to place them in the room with you and take photos and videos beside your favorite pup character.   HoloToyz temporary tattoos are safe and non-toxic. Each pack contains 10 different designs and animations.

Tell me, which of the above items would your kids love the most?

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