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I like buying groceries and other household items with coupons. I think of it almost like a game where the goal is to save the most money. I have friends and relatives who think my savings is neat, but feel that they don’t have the time to do it. Using grocery coupons does take a small time commitment to find coupons, cut them out, find the item on sale to match it with, etc. I completely understand why “in person” couponing isn’t for everyone. What I don’t understand is when people shop online without coupon codes. It literally requires less than 30 seconds of your time in most cases.

For example, is a site that has over 30,000 coupon codes available right now. Lets say you have $100 worth of products in your shopping cart. To save money, all you have to do is type in, use the savings calculator to put in the store you’re shopping at (Petco) and the amount you’re planning to spend ($100). Then Petco Coupon Codes relevant to your situation will come up. I really like the Frugaa savings calculator because it only brings up coupon codes relevant to your budget. If you’re only looking to spend $50, you won’t have $20 off $100 order coupons come up because they are out of your budget.

Frugaa has a ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ rating systems so that you can let them know if the code was still good/worked for you or if it had expired. That way, you can see which codes have been given negative reviews so you don’t waste your time trying to use them.

A lot of online retailers have significant codes like 20% off your order, tons have free shipping codes as well. Even if a coupon code only saves me $5, it’s a great savings for only having to spend 1 minute of my time or less.

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