Active Play During Cold Weather

Outdoor play year round
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I remember wanting to be outside all the time as a child. I never understood why adults wanted to stay inside in the winter or during the hotter days of summer. It’s interesting how kids seem less bothered by the differences in temperature. Living in the midwest we get both summer and winter in full force. We get lots of snow and ice in the winter, and we have plenty of 90+ degree days (complete with a LOT of humidity!) as well.

Now as an adult I prefer to stay inside, too. However, I love that kids have that natural desire to go outside despite the weather. I try to use it as a reminder to get myself outside too. It’s great to play outside no matter what time of year it is, at least for short bursts. I’ve found that when the kids ask me to go out and play in the snow, if I make myself get bundled up and go out I end up having a good time.

playing outside in the fall

Playing outside with two of my nephews. I believe this was at a Thanksgiving gathering one year. 

I also like how kids don’t limit their thoughts in quite the same way we do. For example, I never think about going to the park when it’s chilly out but one of the kids suggested it last year in November. It made me realize – why not? It was actually really neat because almost nobody else was there so the kids had pretty much their pick of what equipment to use the entire time we were there. It was a great idea.

Snowman with jorden

A snowman I built with my sister when I was a teenager and she was a toddler. Yes, the eyes are dog biscuits! Points for creativity, right? 

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  • kristen visser

    So great!! I hear ya now as an adult I would rather be inside but as a child, they love to be outside even in the cold. they love playing in the snow. we had the first snow fall over the weekend and my husband had our two girls outside in the sled running around with them in circles they loved it

  • Amber Ludwig

    This is so true!! I struggle getting out when its freezing too, but it doesn’t phase my son! I think I should let him get me outside more this winter 🙂 Hopefully it’s warmer than last year though!

  • Laurie P

    We spend lots of time in the yard during the colder months! My kiddo loves the outdoors and I have to keep up!

  • Deb E

    I just saw a post about using laser tag to get kid’s to go outside and play. I didn’t know it was such a chore since I loved playing outside. We lived in a small town though so times have really changed with more electronics vying for kids’ attention.

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