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Thank you to Evriholder for providing me with products to facilitate my blog review. All opinions are 100% my own.

I crave organization. I want everything to be neat and tidy. With that said, my kitchen often looks like a natural disaster took place. Usually, the cabinets are a mess, the refrigerator is overflowing, and the dishwasher is constantly running.

Over the summer break, we made a real effort to organize our kitchen so that it wouldn’t be such a mess. When researching different options, I found a company called Evriholder. Evriholder makes products to help you organize your kitchen and keep it clean. For my review, they sent me a generous assortment of products.

I think my favorite things we received from Evriholder were the Kitchen Spaces Bins. We use our bins in the refrigerator to hold school lunch supplies. One holds yogurts, one holds cheese sticks, and another holds veggie bags. These bins make it quick and easy for the girls to grab food and place it in their lunch bags. The bins also make it easy for me to see what we have and what we need to place on the grocery list.

Another wonderful item we got from Evriholde was a pair of dishwashing Glam Gloves. I had no idea that having a cute pair of dishwashing gloves would make it so that my daughters complained less about doing the dishes. Seriously! They said they don’t mind washing dishes now that the gross water doesn’t touch their hands. I wish I would have tried Glam Gloves years ago!

We are now a month into the school year and our kitchen is still relatively organized. I thank Evriholder for that!

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  • susan hartman

    I spent a few hours cleaning out my fridge. I wish I had some of the containers to organize.

  • Donna

    Looks like Evriholder has a lot of great products. The kitchen space bins would be great for helping to organize my kitchen.

  • Mia E.

    I find having my kitchen space organized really saves me time through the busy week. Nice to know where everything is and get it quickly. Looks like products that would be so helpful.

  • Lauryn R

    I definitely love organizations and things like this really help! It really helps to have things categorized and where they should be, especially in the kitchen where it can get hectic. I need to get a pair of dishwashing gloves, my hands would thank me!

  • Peggy Nunn

    These are great items. I need to check them out. Thank you for the review.

  • ellen beck

    I like the Glam Gloves! I do not have a dishwasher and good gloves are must have for me. I have to try something like the bins, it makes everything look so neat. My kitchen is so disorganized at times too.

  • Sarah L

    Looks like a good assortment of things to keep you organized. What are the long skinny things with a hole at the top? Blowing bubbles?

  • Alic eF

    These look like quality products. I like organization and these look like something I can use.

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