RIOLIS Mill cross stitch kit
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RIOLIS sent me cross stitch kits in exchange for inclusion in my gift guide. All opinions are my own.

I tried out cross-stitching for the first time in July of 2018. It was pretty much love at first stitch. I’ve always had a bit of a creativity bug inside of me, but I’m terrible at drawing which sort of eliminates a lot of other arts or crafts as well. Cross Stitching is awesome because there is no need to having drawing skills or anything like it. Instead, you follow the pattern ad place stitches in the pieces of aida fabric (which is gridded) where they belong according to the pattern – and when you’re done you have a work of art.  I find cross stitching to be very relaxing. I love cross-stitching while watching a nice TV show like British Bake Off or a heartwarming movie. It’s sort of my go-to activity for weekends when I need to de-stress! It’s so nice to be able to relax but also be able to make something at the same time.

RIOLIS Mill cross stitch kit

Having an all in one cross stitching kit like those offered by RIOLIS makes things even more relaxing. You don’t have to worry about ordering the right colors of floss to match the pattern, or to do math to figure out how much of each color to buy. They send you all the colors you need in appropriate amounts. I’ve done a few RIOLIS kits now and I am not a really ‘neat’ stitcher, I waste some thread when it gets knotted or tangled on the backside of my piece. However, I have never run out of thread on a RIOLIS kit. So I’d say they send slightly more than you’ll need in every color. Kits even include a needle! I would advise that you buy a small set of cross stitching needles so that you can keep a few needles going at once as I find that easier. However, you could complete their kits with just what is included if you really wanted to.

RIOLIS autumn cross stitch kit

RIOLIS has themed patterns so that you’ll be ale to find a kit that suits the style of the cross stitcher in your life. From flowers to animals, to nature scenes to fun child-friendly designs. I decided that this upcoming year I wanted to work on creating some bigger pieces that I could frame for my home. Again I went for a somewhat relaxing theme. I opted for two nature type scenes that I thought were relaxing. I went with 1097 the mill and 1079 Autumn View.

RIOLIS cross stitch kits

Both of these kits make 15″x10 1/4″ pieces. The Mill has 19 colors and Autumn View has 20. I think they will both be really nice completed pieces! I haven’t had the time to start these kits yet. I’m sure you can all imagine how busy I am during our holiday gift guide! However, I will be updating my Instagram when I finish these kits so follow me on Instagram as @EmilyReviews if you’d like to see those! Here are a couple of RIOLIS kits I have completed in the past. I’ve always found their patterns easy to follow.

RIOLISS english bulldog finished cross stitch

Riolis cross stitch kit finished pansies

These two kits above were both pretty small, but helped me get in more practice. Now I’m ready to move onto bigger pieces! I love that RIOLIS has kits for all levels and in designs for varying visual tastes.

Buy it: In the US, RIOLIS kits can be found at Hobby Lobby and online such as on Amazon.

Tell me, do you like to cross stitch or do you have another relaxing or creative hobby?

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  • Lauryn R

    This sounds like my kind of craft! I just found out about diamond painting and it is both fun and relaxing. I am definitely going to have to get one of these kits and try out cross stitching next! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Maryann D.

    RIOLIS Cross Stitch Kits are just lovely. These would be a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys doing cross stitch. I would love to relax and make some of these beautiful scenes.

  • Helga

    These are such charming designs. I would give this to my friend who loves to stitch.

  • Michelle S

    I did cross stitch many years ago and now that the kids are older. I’ve bought several kits to get back into it.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I really love counted cross stitch. Have been hooked on it for YEARS. Nice way to relax.

  • John Smith

    I like the idyllic scenes of cabins and mills!

  • ellen beck

    There are so many things you can make when you have a love of cross stitching. I think too they can really make your house pretty or make terrific gifts. I like how the kis give plenty of floss, that is important. Happy stitching!

    • Yes I’m so glad they over-estimate the floss a bit. I have gotten better, but occasionally I still will make some sort of mitake and end up with a big nasty knot and it’s nice to be able to just cut the knotted part without fear of that potentially causing me to not have enough floss to finisht he piece. It would make the experience a lot more unpleasant fast if I had to sit for half an hour to untangle a bad knot! Haha.

  • Shirley O

    This would make a beautiful gift idea. I really enjoy cross stitch myself and find that it is a great way to relax.

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