BellyCrush yellow pea fiber cookies
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This is a sponsored review with BellyCrush. All opinions are my own.

A few years ago I lost about 20 pounds by keeping an eye on calories. While I believe that a lot of different diets can help people lose weight whether it’s paleo or keto or others – I believe in the basic science of CICO or calories in, calories out. If you want to lose weight you have to use/burn more calories than you are consuming on a regular basis. While on a CICO plan, it’s easier to stay within your calorie limit if you eat foods that take longer to ‘burn’ – which is primarily proteins, fibers and fats. Sugars and carbs burn so much quicker and will leave you feeling hungry again sooner. So while watching calories I try to get plenty of protein, healthy fats and fibers (including high fiber snacks) in my diet.

BellyCrush yellow pea fiber weight management cookies

BellyCrush is a brand that makes Yellow Pea Fiber cookies that are high in fiber, meaning they will help keep you fuller longer. Plus, beyond just being high fiber, yellow pea fiber is clinically proven to help with weight loss! These high fiber cookies have up to 30% of your daily fiber in a single cookie! BellyCrush cookies come in boxes of 6 cookies with each cookie being individually wrapped. BellyCrush recommends that you eat one of these cookies about half an our before a meal so that you give your body time to recognize that you’ve eaten. Then you should feel more full which will make it easier to keep to healthy portions during your actual meal.

These yellow pea fiber cookies can also be used a healthy snack. At under 200 calories each, they are a great option to grab on te go if you need to push off hunger for a while or don’t have time to make a meal.

BellyCrush weight management cookies

So,  how do they taste?

Well, I can’t say that they taste like a homemade cookie exactly. You can tell that they are a bit more of a healthy option than a traditional cookie. They’re quite good though! I am a rather picky eater so if foods taste ‘too healthy’ I often will not like them, but I like these cookies. Texture-wise they are really nice too. They stay soft and are not dry.

BellyCrush is planning to come out with more products containing yellow pea fiber in the future! There was a clincial study that found Yellow Pea Fiber to asssist with weight loss including fat loss without muscle loss. You can see the clinical study here.

Ready to try some yellow pea fiber snacks to help with your weight loss journey? Click a link in my post and then use the code EMILYREVIEWS to save 10% on your order at BellyCrush!

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  • Mia Rose

    This looks like it would be worth a try. Sometimes I just need something to keep me going and this would be such a better choice than the bag of chips I sometimes choose.

  • ellen beck

    This type of cookie I would probably like agreat deal. I think your CICO plan is key, and something like a small cookie making you feel full is a good option. This would also be a great snack because you wouldn’t keep reaching for more and mor carbs. To me they sound great.

  • monique s

    I have heard great things about pea fiber with all the savory pea snacks. Fun to see a sweet snack that can help with weight management

  • Helga

    Those sound delicious. Amazing that they can make a cookie with pea fiber.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I don’t diet.. I don’t really eat so no need. I have never heard of these though and sounds interesting.

  • Peggy Nunn

    This sounds interesting. I don’t need to lose weight but would like to feel fuller longer. I will be trying these.

  • gloria patterson

    I have to admit they sounded really interesting but I kept wondering what they tasted like. I like your honest answer on how they taste. I may have to get a box just to try them out. Have to admit that some times I eat but I am not full so these might help

  • Peggy Nunn

    I ended up ordering these. I look forward to getting them. Thank you for the introduction.

  • alice f

    I am all for anything that makes me loose weight! Carbs are my downfall.

  • Sarah L

    I’ve never heard of yellow pea fiber. Currently I’m trying to gain weight, not lose it. I can see where this could be helpful for some people.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I love these. I am ordering again. Thank you for the introduction.

  • Shirley O

    I could certainly use extra fiber in my diet and these look yummy. I will have to give them a try.

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