Lovidia low carb snacks and food bundle
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This is a sponsored review with Lovidia. All opinions are my own.

Choosing a low carb or even keto diet has seemed to me to be the most popular diet the last few years. I see low carb and keto being talked about everywhere. I know multiple people who have been successful with losing weight and/or just feeling better while eating low carb.

Ryan and I have successfully lost weight in the past but eventually gained it back – a few times over. At the moment Ryan is down almost 30 pounds in the last six months just from watching his portions, but he’d like to lose another 30 or perhaps even more. He’s planning to try keto for a few months to see if that will kick-start more weight loss. We don’t eat much pasta, so his main struggles with cutting back on carbs are sugar and foods like crackers or breads. It can be a little overwhelming o try to go low carb when you have to change so many foods at once. That’s where Lovidia’s Low Carb Bundle comes in.

Lovidia Low Carb Bundle Review

This box includes snacks and foods that are low carb for just $29. You can try out a variety of snacks and foods that are low carbs to see which ones you do and don’t like (many in individual portions) to make grocery shopping a bit easier the next time around. We’ve enjoyed trying out the items Lovidia sent to get clued into some foods that Ryan can buy while on keto or low carb. It included 16 items, 13 being unique. Only one of them was one we had tried before! Skinny Pop is available at lots of grocery stores which is really convenient. It’s a very low-calorie snack and they offer several flavor varieties.

Lovidia low carb snack bundle

I had heard of edamame but I had not tried it. These don’t have much flavor, honestly, but they don’t taste bad. They have a bit of a crunch to them and I found the texture satisfying.

Lovidia low carb snacks and food bundle

These Thinables half calorie cheese crackers compare themselves to Cheeze-it crackers, and they are less than half the calories and only 6 net carbs per serving. If you’re looking to satisfy that traditional salty snack craving while low carb these are a great alternative to have on hand.

The light penne is 40% of the calories vs regular pasta while having more protein and fiber which results in fewer net carbs. If you’re looking for a lower-carb pasta alternative this is an awesome one to discover.

Lovidia low carb snacks

These Cheesy Almonds are pretty interesting! They are non-diary but have probiotics. Of course, nuts are a great source of protein so these are an interesting way to get protein & probiotics in one.

Then we were also sent a Nunes Farms pack of natural whole almonds as well.

The SuperSeedz are pumpkin seeds that are cinnamon and sugar flavored. Ryan tried taking this to work in his lunch but he said they’re a bit too time-consuming to eat on a timed lunch and he didn’t find hem very filling but that they taste good.

They also sent us walnut halves. Walnuts are not a nut that we typically buy so this was an interesting one to learn we could get in an on-the-go snack package.

Lovidia low carb snacks

The box also included a few informational little cards as you can see. The two Adapt bars are really low sugar but Rya said they tasted really good. He definitely wants to figure out where to purchase these locally. He said they didn’t taste “too healthy” flavor-wise so he was amazed that they have such good nutritional profiles.

The Thinables cinnamon & sugar-flavored crackers are half the calories of standard alternatives. I can see these being a satisfying way to get a graham-cracker like craving filled, or perhaps even a cinnamon-sugar cereal craving fulfilled!

The Oatwell Crispy Hearts remind me a lot of cheerios cereal but without any sweet flavoring. They are pretty plain but still good. I was shocked at how filling they were! These bags are pretty small but I felt like I had a big snack after eating a bag.

Lovidia low carb snack bundle

Last but not least – SuperSeedz also sent their sea salt flavor of gourmet pumpkin seeds.

Overall we really enjoyed being able to trial a bunch of low carb snack options at once. It’s a great way to get informed about what possibilities are out there while eating keto or low carb.

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  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I completely agree it is overwhelming to go low carb changing so many food habits at once. I need to cut out a lot of my carbs too. I love Skinny Pop! I haven’t heard of any of the others. I am curious about the light penne! I wonder how that compares to the “regular” version.

  • Peggy Nunn

    These all sound interesting and I would like to try some of them. I always like trying new items. Thank you for the review.

  • Melissa Storms

    I think my husband would really appreciate this. It looks like they have a lot of snacks he already likes. We want to try keto but are starting out with a lower carb diet than what we eat now. I know that portion size attention would make a huge difference for both my husband and myself. It is difficult to get started but I think having low carb snacks at hand would be a great first step for us both.

  • Helga

    Eating low carb really does work! I know people who have lost weight and feel a lot better by eating low carb. These snacks look tasty too.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I also know people that are on the Keto diet.. some with success and some not so much. This sounds like a great option for snacking when trying to lose weight. These actually look good!

  • ellen beck

    This is nice hw you can try them out. Going low carb is tough if you like savory foods or snacks. I like the Skinny Pop quite a bit and it tastes good. The edamame snacks look good too, I tried a snack kin of like this made of pea pods that really surprised me I bet these would be addictive too.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I told my husband about these items. He wants to check it out and order some. He was excited about the variety of items available. Thank you.

  • Mia Rose

    I like to snack on cracker so I would want to try the Thinables sugar & cinnamon crackers and the half calorie cheese crackers. They both sound like they have good flavor and a satisfying crunch. Having the snacks bundled to try out is a good idea.

  • alice f

    My husband and I are trying to eat lower carb foods. We find we feel better when we eat this way and it is just a healthier diet.

  • Sandy C.

    Wow, I would love to lose some weight (and feel better), but the whole low-carb thing has me always confused. Good carbs, bad carbs, too much carbs, NO carbs! This would help clear things up for me a little. Especially the pasta – I had thought pasta was strictly forbidden. Snacking (especially savory) has always been my downfall. Gotta look into this carefully…might be just what I need, thanks!

  • donna porter

    My husband and I have done the low carb diet and did lose weight. I had to put it on hold during the holidays. Just can not be faithful this time of year!

  • Sarah L

    Lots of different options here. Should be something for everyone.

  • gloria patterson

    This is so SMART!!! I have bought stuff kinda like this and paid $$ for it and hated it from the first bite. Something like this will let you try and decide if you do or don’t like

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