Vyncs real time vehicle GPS tracking
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When your children get their license or their first car, it can be a time of great excitement mixed with a lot of anxiety. You’ll probably love not having to haul them around yourself anymore, but there are so many ‘what ifs’ when they start driving on their own. What if they no longer drive safely once there is no adult in the car with them? What if they get in a car accident? What if they hit their first white-out snowstorm while far from home? What if they come across a bad person? What if they get lost after missing their exit on the highway? What if their phone dies and you have no idea where they are? What if they have car trouble while at a friend’s house? Many of these questions can also arise for the older people in our lives. Nobody wants to take grandma or grandpa’s keys away before it’s really needed, but seeing them navigate the world independently can cause anxiety as people age. That’s why I’ve partnered with Vyncs on this sponsored post.


Vyncs app GPS vehicle tracker


Vyncs full-service Connected Car devices can ease some of your worries and give you some plans on how to handle some of those “what if” scenarios come true. This product comes with real-time tracking so you can see where your child’s (or other loved ones) car is at all times. You can view trip histories, driving habits, vehicle health conditions, fuel performance, maintenance reminders, and more! It also offers 24/7 roadside assistance with some plans. There is no monthly fee. Instead, you pay one price upfront for 1 device and a full year of service. It works with AT&T/T-Mobile wireless networks in the US, or Telus/Bell service in Canada. Vyncs is highly rated and is even a bestselling product in its category on many platforms, including Amazon.

Vyncs real time vehicle GPS tracking

Some really cool Vyncs features:

  1. Vyncs Groups. Even without buying a device, anyone can download the Vyncs app along with their family members or friends. Then you can all approve of access to each other’s locations via a custom groups code. Then you’ll be able to see where the others are based on the location of their phone. This can be done free!
  2. The Shop@Vyncs feature. This feature will find trending deals for you. Type in items you’ve been looking to buy or gift ideas you plan to buy for friends. Once you’ve entered some keywords about the item you want to purchase, you’ll be notified via email once they find you a deal. They also gather a trending deals list which is updated daily.
  3. Save On Gas feature. This function helps you calculate which gas station is giving you the best gas mileage. It automatically detects when you fill up your tank and will prompt you to verify which station you were at and what the price was. Over time you’ll be able to see which station is the best for your vehicle. You can even use this feature without a Vyncs device though you’ll have to input the information manually.

Vyncs Basic is the standard 3G real-time GPS tracker. They also offer Vyncs Premium (which has added the benefit of roadside service). Vyncs Pro has the added benefit of a 60-seconds GPS update, and live map auto-refresh. Check out the Vyncs comparison page to compare your options. Want protection for a large group? Want protection for a large group? Vyncs Fleet is available with extra features (such as fuel cost tracking, driver-specific trip reports, fleet dashboards and more) for commercial fleets and support for any number of vehicles.

Discount: Right now you can use my personal promo code EMILYREVIEWS to save 10% off of a Vyncs Basic and Premium GPS Tracker! Code is valid until 12/24.

Would you feel better having Vyncs real-time GPS tracking on the vehicle of your loved ones? Tell me how a Vyncs device could benefit your family in the comments.


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  • Dana Rodriguez

    This is really handy and a great way to have peace of mind. I love all the features it has!

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    This sounds like an awesome product for when you have new drivers at your house!! Mine aren’t close to being able to drive, but I think it would be a neat thing to get for my mom. She still gets around fairly well, but it would be good as parents age just in case they get stuck or in an unfamiliar area when traveling.

  • Peggy Nunn

    My niece has something like that for her daughter. It really gives her a piece of mind. I like this one that goes where ever the car goes. Thank you for the review.

  • monique s

    This is such a great gadget. So helpful especially for those of us who do a lot of driving for work.

  • alice f

    Such a practical device! Very good item to keep track of loved ones.

  • Michelle S

    I really like the concept of this. My son has been driving for a couple years but I have a daughter who will be driving soon.

  • Sandy C

    OMG, how could this NOT benefit anyone? Knowing where your loved ones are (even if they’re adults) is peace of mind. And with the other features like maintenance reminders, and the optional roadside service. A necessity for any family!

  • Mia Rose

    I will have several grandchildren coming to an age when they will be more independent and starting to drive. This would certainly help their parents with feeling more secure about these changes as the kids get older. Wish I had something like this when mine were younger.

  • ellen beck

    I like th feature of finding out where the best gas deals are! So many times people come into town for weddings or events this would save money. I think this would be fantastic for the very new or like you mentioned aging parents. I could see this coming in handy when bad weather is about!

  • Helga

    I would love to have one of these! This could be life-saving. A great device for parents too.

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