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For those looking to treat surface level pains and skin irritations, CBD topicals are often considered to be the best option. CBD oil tinctures might be perfect as a general wellness supplement, but they do not provide the more targeted approach that you get with CBD topicals.

While an increasing number of people are choosing to use CBD oil topicals to treat skin conditions and mild aches and pains, there is very little information about why exactly they are the best option. On a fundamental level, it makes sense to use a topical to treat the skin as it
can be applied specifically to your affected area.

When choosing CBD products, it is always nice to understand the difference between the options you find in stores and the pros and cons of each. Understanding exactly why CBD oil topicals are so effective at treating skin conditions and pain allows you to ensure you are choosing the perfect products for your individual needs.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits of using topical CBD oil to treat both pains and skin conditions.

Target Particular Areas

Unlike other forms of CBD, such as oils and capsules, CBD topicals only affect the area of the body that they are applied to. What this means is that you can target areas of your body that are, for example, painful or dry with an extra dose of CBD.

The ability to treat limited areas of your body can be useful for two reasons. Firstly, if you are someone who already takes CBD supplements as part of their daily routine, you do not want to alter your internal balance in order to treat a particular area of your body. CBD topical oils allow you to provide painful areas of skin with a higher dose of CBD than the rest of your body.

Secondly, CBD supplements are not the perfect health and fitness solution for everyone, and while they can be extremely effective at treating painful muscles and joints, you do want the rest of your body to be affected. CBD topical oils mean that you can experience the benefits of CBD without effects being felt across your entire body.

Instant Effects

As CBD topical oils are absorbed directly into your skin, the effects of CBD are able to be felt much quicker than when orally consuming CBD. When treating aches and pains, you generally want the pain-relieving effects to be noticed as quickly as possible.

While the effects of CBD capsules and oral CBD oils can last longer in times of pain, instant results are going to be much more of a benefit. Also, as effects can be felt within a matter of minutes, you can easily adjust your dosage to increase the impact without having to wait for
fifteen minutes or more.

Quantity Control

With CBD topical oils, it’s easy to control how much CBD you are using at one time. With many CBD products, including edibles and capsules, the amount of CBD you consume at one time has already been pre-determined by the product’s manufacturer.

When using CBD topicals, you have complete control over how much CBD oil or CBD cream you apply to your skin at any given time. As you become more familiar with using CBD topicals, the ability to have complete control can be particularly beneficial so that you can adjust the
effects felt according to your needs.

PureKana CBD topicals are a great example of products that have been designed to make it as simple as possible to control the amount of CBD you are using at one time. Some of PureKana’s topicals come in pump-top packaging so that you can easily measure out precise
amounts of product.

Dual Purpose

Many CBD products are designed to act as multi-purpose topicals. For example, the CBD salve at PureKana not only provides your body with a healthy dose of CBD, but it can also help to keep your skin hydrated and feeling fresh.

CBD topicals help to save you time in your busy routine, allowing you to use just one product when you would usually have to use two. By only needing to use the one product, you are also able to save money, replacing your regular CBD creams and balms with healthy CBD topical oil alternatives.

When treating pain and skin irritations, it can be helpful also to feel as though you are caring for your skin in general. Many CBD topicals are also packed with delightfully calming and fruity scents adding to the overall experience of using CBD topicals.

For those who suffer from persistent skin irritations and surface level pains, being able to use products such as CBD topical oils to treat the problem while also acting as skincare products can make it much easier to stick to a regular CBD schedule.

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