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Your entry doors create your home’s first impression. It is what your visitors see first, making it have an enormous impact to curb appeal. If you have decided to replace your door, you have to know its size. That is why it is advisable to always take the exact measurements before buying one. Failure to do that, you will get disappointed after finding out that your door is too big or too small to fit the existing door opening.

If you want to take the measurement for your existing front door, here at Total Home Windows and Doors have compiled important information that will help you learn the standard entry doors size, some variations that you can make on the standard size, and what to consider when buying a replacement door. Let’s take a peek.

1. The Standard Size of an Exterior Door

There is no standard size for all entry doors because every home is constructed differently, with different measurements. Some entries are as narrow as 30 inches and a length of 96 inches, which is not a standard size. The thickness of the door mostly depends on the door material, so different door materials might have different dimensions.

Homeowners can also decide to go for either a single or double door, and the choice will impact the overall size of the entry door. If your home is old or has customized finishing, your entry door will not be anything close to the standard door size.

If you plan to change your door, taking its measurements will help you choose a door that fits well, and it will help you know how much room you have if you want a different size or style. Your measurements should allow the new door to fit well together with the hardware, door locking systems, and extras.

2. Is There a Standard Door Frame Size?

An average door panel, excluding the frame, measures 36 by 80 inches. The frame is usually more prominent than the panel, and it is fit in the rough opening. For the frame to work well, the space should be wider than the frame by not less than ¾ inch wide and 3/8 in height.

3. What Size Should the Entry Doors Be?

This depends on the type of door. If it is a replacement door, you cannot choose to make it larger or smaller. Upgrading your door from a single to a double one can make your house look more elegant. An increase of 4 inches will make a noticeable change, and carrying big things into the house like furniture will be made easier.

However, changing your door from single to double will depend on some things. You need to consider the size of the entry to your home. If the initial space is too small, installing a double door will make it look more crowded and unrealistic. To give it a better look, you can enlarge the opening if you have room for that. Otherwise, replacing your single door with a double one might not be possible.

Increasing the size of the opening depends on some factors like the depth of the wall that is parallel to the front door. If your home has a staircase next to the exterior doors, expanding the space might be tricky and requires a professional to do it right.

4. Why You Should Find the Right Exterior Door

Size is not the only factor to consider when determining the replacement door to buy—other factors like your home’s style matter a lot. Entry doors styles are different. You can choose to go for the classic looks or the traditional version. The modern types are also available with
beautiful finishing and decorative glass. Other additional characteristics like sidelights and decorative inlays make your exterior doors more attractive.

You cannot create a second first impression of your home, so you should choose the right front door. Do research, visit front door dealers, and go through all the options before deciding which one to settle on. Make your home appealing and comfortable by choosing the right front door.

In case you find it challenging to get measurements for your entry doors, consider help from a
professional door installer.

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