5 Tips For Surviving A Remodel With Little Children
By Asha

March 22nd, 2021

We recently remodeled the entryway and upstairs of our bilevel home. For more info about what we did check out my first remodel post: Top 5 Tips For Planning Your Remodel.

5 Tips For Surviving A Remodel With Small Children

  1. Safety First
    • There will be power tools, electrical wires, strangers moving in and out of the home and more to worry about.
    • My husband and I were at work and the kids were at daycare 90% of the time while the workers were here remodeling the house. This worked really well for us. The more you can be away while there are loud noises from power tools, wet paint, etc, the less likely you are to have any issues.
    • If your children are old enough you can teach them about the need to not touch the dangerous items and which areas they are allowed to be in. Our 5-year-old was able to understand well. Our two-year-old understood that there were “owies” in the renovation spaces and “no touch”. 
    • Remind the workers that you have little children, and ask them to clean up after themselves each day and put power tools away or out of reach. 
  2. Tell Them What To Expect
    • If the kids are old enough, get them excited about the changes. Will they be getting a new bedroom? Will they have a new space to play? Hype it up! 
    • Talk about what happens during the remodel. Tell them where you plan to eat, where you will be sleeping, where baths will happen, etc.
    • The more they know the better prepared they will be for the changes. If they are old enough to understand, warn them that there will be loud noises and strangers in the house, so they know what to expect and not to be afraid.5 Tips For Surviving A Remodel With Small Children 
  3. Have Fun!
    • We made hand prints and signed our name on the subfloor before the new flooring was laid.
    • Our friend who was helping us demo told us when he was younger his parents let them color on a wall before it was removed, and it is a fond memory from his childhood.
    • We took pictures of the kids sitting in the space where the fireplace would be, as well as in the old pantry cupboard. They are photos we will be able to look back on and treasure. 
    • Just for fun I also wrote a message on our staircase before the carpet was laid… “Happy Wife – Happy Life”.
    • If it is safe and the kids are interested, let them help! Can they help clean up? Both of our kids loved to help us clean up. If you are doing the remodeling yourself, can they safely hand you the tools or other items you need? 
    • Remodeling is stressful no matter what – do whatever makes you (and the children smile).
  4. Plan Meals In Advance – and if not in advance, you just have to go with the flow.
    1. We survived with a microwave, air fryer, toaster, crock pot and pizza oven for two months without a kitchen.
    2. We had some soup frozen from before the remodel started that we were able to thaw portions and eat as needed. Freezer to crockpot meals were a lifesaver. Pinterest has tons of great ideas for this!
    3. We ate pizza at least once a week (we tried different brands and flavors so it didn’t get too boring). Not super healthy, but the kids loved it! 
    4. Sometimes we had cereal for supper. Again, not very healthy but it was only for a short time during the remodel so the kids thought it was great – and my husband and I survived 🙂 
    5. We ate out at least once a week (ordering delivery isn’t really an option where we live or we totally would have done that too!) 5 Tips For Surviving A Remodel With Small Children
  5. Keep A Routine
    • When so much is changing in their little lives, keep as much routine as you can so the days feel familiar even if the space looks much different. 
    • Try to keep favorite toys and books available. 
    • Keep wake, nap and bedtimes as close to normal as possible. 

There will be stress and there will be mess, but remodeling with little ones in your home is totally doable!

Once it’s all over, it is so worth it! Good luck on your remodel! 

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  • Dana Rodriguez

    You have some great tips on this subject. I am sure it could be extremely stressful.

  • Sarah L

    Excellent tips. Many of them are good even if you don’t have kids.

  • Lauryn R

    This are great tips for surviving a remodel with small children, thanks for sharing!

  • Peggy Nunn

    These are all great ideas. I have never remodeled with small children but I bet it can be a mess. You did well.

  • Sue E

    I am all for safety! I couldn’t stand when one of my kids were hurt 😢 It can take a lot out of you! No one needs that extra stress! Remodeling is stressful by itself!
    You had a really great list of points. When we added an extra room to our home, our children were grown. I have to say after reading your article, I am glad we waited!
    Thank you for sharing!!

  • Helga

    I am going to have to share this list with my friends who have small children. I like the suggestion of making it fun for them.

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