Coralov Anti-Rust Metal Bird Feeder Review

Thank you to Coralov for sending a bird feeder for review in exchange for my honest opinion.  I love watching the birds outside through my big dining room window. Most of the winter this year I didn't have a bird feeder out because I needed a new one. Recently I got a new feeder from Coralov (on Amazon). I put the feeder up right away and added a wild bird seed mix. Within an hour, the birds had found the feeder! It is so nice to see the cute little sparrows and chickadees show up to my bird Read more [...]

Dream Pairs Girls Sandals With Interchangeable Fruit Accessories

Thank you to Dream Pairs for sending sandals for my daughter in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.  It's time to start thinking spring! Easter is just around the corner. If you're looking for a cute pair of sandals for your little girl to go with her Easter dress or spring outfits, look no further than these fun girls sandals with interchangeable fruit accessories from Dream Pairs!  The sandals come with four fruit-themed accessories, so you can match the fruit to the Read more [...]

Start Your Capsule Wardrobe With Pareto {Review}

Thank you to Pareto for sending a dress for review in exchange for my honest opinion. I've recently lost around 40 pounds, so I have been looking for new pieces of clothing to add to my wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes seem to be all the rage right now, and I am a very simple person who loves basic colors, so capsule wardrobes have piqued my interest. I was recently introduced to Pareto, a woman-owned company that has made it their mission to make getting dressed super simple.  Did you know Read more [...]

Chill Boys Review – Bamboo Clothing For Men

Thank you to Chill Boys for sending clothing in exchange for this honest opinion review.  My husband is hot blooded. Even in our cold northern climate, he's almost always warm. Sometimes he will be beading sweat, and I'll be chilly. Recently I was introduced to Chill Boys. This company is passionate about one thing - comfort. The idea for Chill Boys boxers was born from the founders own need to be freed from the discomfort of sweaty, itchy, binding underwear. They worked with an experienced Read more [...]

Alta Fitness Dumbbells Review

Thank you to Alta Fitness for sending two sets of dumbbells for review in exchange for my honest opinion.  My husband and I are slowly building up a workout area in the loft of our shed. However it's cold and snowy here for about six months out of the year so I use that as an excuse as to why I don't want to walk out to the shed to workout. I have been doing some yoga in the house and I also want to work on building up some muscle, so I was excited to partner with Alta Fitness to Read more [...]