Brick loot subscription boxes

I was sent products from Brick Loot for inclusion in my holiday gift guide. All opinions are my own. 

Brick Loot is a subscription service for people who love brick toys such as LEGO®. Brick Loot is not associated with LEGO®, but they sell some LEGO® items and many other brick toys that are compatible with LEGO sets. 

I have multiple kids in my family who really enjoy building with brick sets. A couple of my nephews have been brick builders for many years now, so I know they have a LOT of sets. It can be challenging to pick out new sets for them because I worry that I’ll buy them a set they already own. 

Brick Loot is a great solution because they make many Brick Loot exclusive brick kits, so unless they are already a Brick Loot subscriber or have purchased from, they likely won’t already have these sets. 

Brick loot subscription boxes

You can subscribe to be sent Brick Loot on a monthly basis. Gifting a Brick Loot subscription could be a great way to keep kids having fun longer. I think sometimes spacing out gifts gives kids more chances to enjoy each one, anyway! Each month’s subscription box comes with 4-8 brick related items based on a certain theme. For example, the October 2021 theme was ‘adventures in space’ themed. Brick Loot boxes are recommended for ages 6-99, so a Brick Loot subscription works well for children, teens or adults! They can even be fun for multiple gnderations to get involved with the same activity! 

Or, if you want to give them a gift that is ready to open on Christmas (or another holiday), you can purchase older Brick Loot subscription boxes any time. What’s cool about this is you can know i advance exactly what’s in them. I opted to get the “Air rescue” box which was the Nov 2018 box, and the Recycle, reuse, rebuild box which was from February 2021. My nephew likes police and other first responder vehicles and garbage trucks in particular, so I thought both of these boxes would be perfect for him! 

brick loot recycle reuse rebuild set

The reduce, reuse, recycle kit includes a building kit for a newsstand, a kit for a garbage truck, a garbage accessory kit (that includes a dumpster) and a garbage man legofigure! 

The air rescue box includes a building kit for an air ambulance (helicopter), a mini city urgent care/pharmacy, medical accessories pack,  doctor figurine, and LED light kit which can be used to light up some of your builds! 

brick loot air emergency kit

You can subscribe to Brick Loot one month at a time (for $33.28), quarterly (for $31.28/box), biannually (for $29.28 a box), or yearly (for $27.28 a month). 

In addition to the subscription boxes, you can also just shop for LEGO and other brick kits from I personally enjoyed browsing the Brick Loot Exclusives page because I know those are items that my nephews aren’t likely to already own or even know about, making them awesome choices for surprise gifts!

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