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There are many ways homeowners can facelift their living room. The skirting board adds to the decoration of rooms. It gives a room that looks it deserves. The use of a skirting board is to protect walls from damage. Damage might be caused by children’s markings on the walls. A wooden skirting board provides decoration for the walls as well. 

They help to hide exposed wires, which is more economical and saves time than redoing the whole electrical wiring. Walls fitted with skirting boards make the rooms more appealing to the eye. Here are the top six amazing uses of the Skirting Board.

Decoration of Rooms

Skirting boards help to improve the look of the room. They give the rooms a decent look. The skirting board hides any gap between the walls and floor, giving the room a professional decoration.

Skirting boards might have their decorations which will decorate the rooms as well. A painting on the board improves the overall decoration of the room. They help to deliver a clean finish to the walls. They can act as decorations for the room as well.

Protects the Walls from Damage

Damage to the walls might arise from scraps from children’s toys, tear and wear and scraps from mops. The lower side of the wall can be easily damaged if no skirting boards are used. Skirting boards protect walls from damage that might be caused by furniture. 

They ensure furniture is not arranged too close to the wall, hence creating unwanted marks. These marks ruin the decoration of the walls and paintings. The furniture pieces are protected from unnecessary scratching and scraping from the wall.

Hiding Gaps
Fitters may leave unsightly gaps on the walls which might force them to redo the work again. These gaps, once noticed, are not appealing to the eye. To avoid this unnecessary redoing of work, many constructors prefer skirting boards to cover the unsightly gaps.

Hide Open and Exposed wire
People like open and exposed wires hanging on their walls or the ceiling. Hanging naked wires poses danger to people. Hiding them on a skirting board is more suitable than on the ceiling. It is expensive to redo the wiring all over again. The most economical and practical solution is to hide the wiring in the skirting board.

Cover the Space Between Walls and Floors
Construction flops might create space between the wall and floor. It’s quite unpleasing when these gaps occur. When such a flop happens, redoing the work is costly and time-consuming. Using skirting boards to cover the space is more economical. 

The skirting boards correct the defects and provide the desired results. Skirting boards serve many purposes. They provide decoration for rooms, protection for the walls from damage, and cover gaps. They can cover the gaps between walls and floors. Skirting boards are more economical in rectifying any defects to walls or rooms.

Make a Room Appealing to the Eye
A gap might appear where the room meets the floor. Such gaps might be unsightly although they make the rooms unappealing. Installing a wooden skirting board covers the gaps and makes the room appealing to the eye.

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  • Sue E

    OH WOW!! I have never heard of this clever wall protector before!! We have fur babies, besides a lot of grandkids and now a couple of great grandkids that love to run around our walls, throw balls and toys, throw tantrums! Our poor walls have been real troopers, but there is only so much our 26 year old walls can take! Our walls are really 65 years old. We are only claiming the 26 years that we have lived here. We have painted. We have thought about wall paper and paneling. I like this idea better. It looks more attractive too. This was pin worthy!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Lauryn R

    I have never heard of skirting boards before, how interesting! Are they similar to base boards? I can definitely see how they
    improve the look of a home.

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