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Fictional superhero movies always make us gasp. We all start clapping and cheering as the incredible Iron Man makes his way on the screen, getting all suited up to save yet another day. But how often do we celebrate the real, unsung superhero we all have in our lives – our dads? 

From the day we are born to the day we take our first steps or go to our first prom – dads make sure nothing goes wrong. Ran into trouble? Call dad. Need some life advice? Go talk to papa. Whenever we hit rock bottom in life, our first instincts always lead us to our fathers, and there’s a reason why. You see, a father isn’t just someone who gives us his name. He is the person who lends us his life and wisdom and guides us throughout – unconditionally. 

So this Father’s Day, don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate your superhero just the way he deserves. Here are seven unique Father’s Day experience gift ideas that I’m sure any dad will love and remember for an eternity.

Plan a Netflix Movie Marathon

If your dad isn’t the most outgoing type, don’t worry. You can still do a lot to spend quality time with him. For starters, how about Netflixing at home?

Create a list of movies to watch together – horror, sci-fi, animated, comedy – and get the couch ready. Such planned movie marathons are also the best opportunity to spoil your dad with his favorite comfort food! Get tubs of caramel popcorn, bowls of piping hot ramen, and ice cream for a little sweet bite and tune into your favorite film. That’s a sorted Father’s Day celebration, right there! 

Go out for a Wine Tasting Experience

Does your dad fancy a freshly pressed glass of wine? If yes, then there’s nothing better than a posh wine-tasting getaway you can treat him to.

Trust me, you can never go wrong with a wine-tasting event. Scenic vineyards, subtle smell of liquor, velvety smooth wines, and lip-smacking food – a wine-tasting experience translates to all this and more. Take your dad for a wine-tasting experience this Father’s Day as a perfect little escape from the everyday hustle-bustle. I bet he will remember it for a long, long time! 

Family Picnic out in the Woods

Whether it’s 2002 or 2022 – nothing can ever beat a good old picnic when it comes to spending quality time with family.

So go old school – plan an elaborate family experience day on Father’s Day. Pack some brunch, get your family ready, and drive to a beautiful park nearby. In fact, to make it all the more memorable, I suggest you take a tour of the countryside to soak in the relaxed atmosphere and, of course – watch the terrific sunset. A complete experience, isn’t it? 

A 101 Baking Session

Baking sessions turn out to be an impressive bonding activity, and I obviously understand why – food can do magical stuff!

So how about taking your dad to an immersive baking class on Father’s Day? If he happens to be a connoisseur of good food, he’ll definitely love it. You can either book an online baking masterclass session or attend a live one. However you choose it to be, baking sessions with dads never disappoint – they’re always all giggles!

Book Tickets for His Favorite Sports

If there’s one thing all men love equally, it’s sports. So if you have zero ideas about what can really intrigue your dad, book tickets for his favorite game and tag along. And soccer is a no-brainer in this regard. 

Watching a game of soccer on the TV is good, but nothing comes close to the jitters one feels while watching a live soccer game. The enthusiastic atmosphere, crowds cheering for their favorite clubs, and the adrenaline rush of witnessing a live game of soccer in the stadium continues to be one of the best experience gifts for men. So go for it!

Live Concert of His Favourite Band

Preparing a list of top experience gifts and not including concerts? Not fair! 

Men or women, no one can turn down the opportunity of witnessing their favorite band sing live. So if you know of a band your dad roots for, search for the earliest concerts they’ll be touring for and book your tickets asap! After all, being in a musical concert and singing along with your favorite singers is an experience of a lifetime. And who better to experience it with than your dad?

Have a Fun Day out at a Theme Park

Lastly, if you want this Father’s Day to be exciting and happening, this one’s for you. 

A visit to a theme park is perhaps one of the simplest yet most incredible ways of celebrating any day, and Father’s Day stands no exception. So book tickets to a fun theme park and take your dad on rides with you. Rollercoasters, Ferris Wheel, visit to a haunted house – theme parks can add the frolic to your Father’s Day celebration and make it an unforgettable experience. 

Wrapping up

With Father’s Day around the corner, the best way to show love to your dad is by spending more time with him. So I hope this list helped you land the best experience gift you can give your dad to spend quality time that remains etched in his memory for ages to come. 

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