Profivex Probiotic Supplement For Dogs Giveaway (11/26)

Profivex sponsored this blog post. All opinions are my own.I only had my pugs a couple of weeks when I realized they had a sensitive digestive system. My pug Beans in particular, is very prone to an upset stomach. Switching food or treats almost always causes her digestive upset of some kind. We try to keep her diet the same to avoid upset, but she still seems to battle indigestion on occasion. She sleeps in bed with me, and some nights her belly makes gurgling and growling sounds so loud that Read more [...]

GPS Origins Ancestry Test {Unique Holiday Gift Idea} + Giveaway (11/26)

I was provided with a GPS Origins ancestry test kit. All opinions are my own.For Ryan's birthday I gave him a GPS Origins ancestry test kit. He had talked to me about wanting to learn more about his family history and lineage so I thought it would be a neat gift. When you order the kit, you will be mailed swabs that you use inside your mouth to get DNA on them, and return it for testing using the instructions provided. It takes 2-3 weeks to get your results, but once they are ready they will Read more [...]

Great Pretenders {Pretend Play Toys} Doctor Set Giveaway (11/25)

I was sent pretend play gifts from Great Pretenders for my holiday gift guide. All opinions are my own.All of my nieces and nephews have gone through at least a short phase of being interested in pretend play. Many have been interested in pretend play for years! My 4-year-old niece has loved dressing up, pretending to cook food, being "mommy" to her baby dolls, and other forms of pretend play for a couple of years now. I was browsing the Great Pretenders site looking for a pretend play outfit Read more [...]

Clore Automotive Jump Starter {Practical Gift Idea} & Giveaway (11/24)

I was sent a jump starter from Clore Automotive to include in my gift guide. All opinions are my own.If you've ever had a car battery drain while you were out and about, I'm sure you remember how inconvenient that was. Thankfully it's only happened to me once in my adult life. It was when I was in college, living about half an hour away from where I grew up, and where my whole family lived. It didn't leave me with the option of just asking someone to swing by and give us a jump. We paid a hauling Read more [...]

giftYou – How to Give Gifts They Really Want!

This post was sponsored by giftYou. All opinions are my own.I find it so much harder to shop for adults or teens than young kids. As we get older, our needs and interests become much more refined. In most cases, when I know an adult has a specific hobby, it's still not something I am very informed about so it's hard to buy them gifts related to the hobby that they need and want. It never occurred to me to ask them to create a wish list because I thought it would limit me to one retailer.Many Read more [...]