Netflix Shows You Can Follow Without Watching The Screen

Do you ever turn on a movie or a show on Netflix, get partway through and realize you aren't sure what's happening anymore? You were half-watching the TV, and half doing something on your phone. I have seen memes about this online so I know it's a common problem.I like to do some basic crafts. For a while I was into cross-stitching, then embroidery, and now I've been loom knitting. I like to do these on the weekends to relax, but it's a bit boring to do without anything else. I often put something Read more [...]

WAMA Sustainable Hemp Underwear Review & Giveaway

I was given a gift card to WAMA to purchase underwear for review. All opinions are my own.Hemp fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, breathable, soft, and it has anti-odor properties. So, it lends itself to clothing in general quite nicely, but it's a particularly great match for underwear. Hemp is organic and eco-friendly. It's hard to really think of a reason NOT to go with hemp. I think most of us just aren't used to seeing it offered in stores very often! WAMA is an underwear brand Read more [...]

10 Ways to Create a Comfortable Toy Filled Playroom

This is a sponsored guest post. The featured image is from Unsplash. Children love to play, and they sure do love their toys. Those same toys have a tendency to fill every room of the house. Having a designated play area where all the lego, my little ponies, and video games live can help you keep the chaos under control while providing your child with a fun space where they can go all-in on fun and games. So how can you create a toy-filled playroom for your little ones? We've listed ten Read more [...]

5 Online Jobs Everyone Can Do

This is a sponsored guest post. If you’ve been searching for a job at any point in the past couple of years, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of companies are offering “remote” jobs, or “online” jobs. However, that still leaves you working for a 9 to 5 company, and you don’t really have a lot of freedom.But if you want your freedom, why not consider an online job that lets you choose your hours, choose your clients, and choose how you do business? You’re your own Read more [...]

Costoffs Office Chair Review

Costoffs sent me an office chair for review. All opinions are my own.Like a lot of people, Ryan started working from home last spring because of the pandemic. He wanted to make a little office space for himself so that he could more easily feel like he was in "work mode" during the hours that he was working. It can be tricky to balance regular home life with work life when working from home. He thought having a specific work space would help.So, he bought an office desk and an office chair Read more [...]